ZWW Stealth Wireless Rechargeable Elderly BTE Hearing Aids Elderly Deaf Hearing Amplifier Elderly Wireless Stealth Rechargeable Deaf Ear-Shaped Hearing Aids , Double

Hearing aid category: wireless ear type

Medical Device Product Name: Ear-back hearing aids

Disease: hearing loss; hearing loss

Symptoms: hearing loss; hearing impairment; deafness

Applicable people: not limited; middle-aged; children; adults; elderly; young people

Buy hot: USB charging; low-frequency noise reduction; simple operation; wireless stealth

Color classification: 【Titanium and silver single version】 ear-back hearing aids + gift original charger; 【Titanium and silver version】 ear-type hearing aids + gift original charger

Product Features

  • It applies to patients with hearing loss and hearing impairment
  • It is small, weighs only 8g, anti-beating, even if it falls from a height of 1.5 meters, can still be used
  • USB charging, using digital IC chip to control current loss, full charge can be used for 40 hours, send charger and plug converter
  • You can adjust the volume, you can adjust two different stalls, N stalls for the general environment, H stalls for noisy environment
  • It uses digital signal processing technology, can effectively reduce the noise, improve the clarity of voice

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