YAOYUE Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid Severe Loss BTE Ear Aids HIGH-POWER

1.open the package box,check the item list .it includ the hearing aid,earplugx4 ,brush,charger
2.choose the earplug fit you,and connect with the headones
3.if it do not electricity,you need recharge for it
4.when charging,pls shutdown,do not touch it
5.you can adjust the angle
6.you can turn on it,”H” mean high pitch position suitable for noisy environment;”L” mean low pitch suitable for general environment
7.Place the hearing aid in the ear canal adjust the position,tighten,no clearance
8.you cand adjust the volume according your need
9.when you do not need it,pls turn off
Note1: To protect your hearing, please don’t use this product at a high volume for a long time.
Note 2:the new battery at least need to be recharged for 8 hours.the first time ,fully charged after completely exhausting.the second time is the same way.run three times,it will be best status.when you do not use it for long time,pls keep a charge every month

Product Features

  • Maximum Saturation Sound Output:(OSPL90)129+3dB;High frequency Average:(OSPL90)122+4dB;Total Harmonic Distortion:<10%
  • Input of Adapter: 100-300V Alternating Current 50/60HZ 0.15A
  • Plug Type: China( for 220V)
  • Feature:smart noise reduction, digital chip, easy to operate
  • Important Note:This rechargeable behind the ear back hearing aid is very easy to operate,it come with original charger,however come WITHOUT MANUAL.You just read our ad picture,you can use it.In addition,Do not use the charger for other electronic devices such as mobile phones. To protect your hearing, please don’t use this product at a high volume for a long time.

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