XUAN Personal Sound Voice Amlifier Behind Ear Hearing Aids Hearing Digital Rechargeable Ear Hearing Aid Ear Amplifier Assistance Device Fits both left and right ears

Normal operating conditions:
Ambient temperature 5 ? ~ 40 ?
Relative humidity ? 80%
Atmospheric pressure 86kPa ~ 106kPa;
Power supply voltage d.c.1.4V, with a relative error of +5%, -10%.
Appearance and structure
Hearing aids appearance should be correct, color should be uniform, the surface should be no burr, flash, depression, scratches and other defects.
The direction and direction of the volume adjustment should be expressed in words or quantities; the polarity of the battery should be marked accordingly.
Hearing aids should be fully assembled parts, fixed and reliable, the adjustment button, the switch should be flexible and effective.
Electro – acoustic performance
Maximum saturation sound pressure level

Product Features

  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Sound amplifier helps to amplify sound up to 30x with low background noise.
  • Best hearing keep the ear tips clean and replace.
  • Use range: for air-induced hearing loss in patients with hearing loss
  • Function: suitable for people with hearing loss need to enlarge the sound of the occasion to use

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