West Biking Smart Bone Conduction Bluetooth Stereo Headset, Open-Ear Wireless Sports Headphone Earphone with MIC for Cycling Running

What is bone conduction and how to hear sound?
Under normal circumstances, sound wave get into the innner ear by air and bone conduction, then the inside and outside lymph of the inner ear vibrates, corti complete acoustic process, then the auditory nerve generate impulses and hand over to the hearing center, after comprehensive analysis of the cerebral cortex, finally hear the sound.?Bone conduction has movable and extrusion two ways, the two together can stimulate corti cause hearing, its specific way is: “sound waves – skull – bone side – the inner ear lymph – corti – auditory nerve – cerebral auditory center”. Usually people don’t need to use their skull to feel, but, when the outer ear and the middle ear changes pathologically, and let acoustic transmission been disrupted, the bone conduction may be used to compensate for the hearing.

*Wireless bone conduction headphone with BT 4.0 is able to connect to mobile phones, tablets and all devices with BT 4.0 or above.
*Bone Conduction – This technology and a patented design guides mini vibrations through cheekbones to your inner ears, delivering stereo sound without plugging or covering them.
*Hearing Recovery – Bone conduction technology creates mini vibrations, sending sound through the cheekbones, helping young people with hearing impairment to hear more clearly, and also applicable to elders.
*Microphone makes and takes calls confidently almost without sound leakage, bringing clear communication even in noisy environments.
*Sweat Resistant Nanotechnology treated to repel sweat and other moisture, rest assured these Bluetooth stereo headphones will play on through your most rigorous sweat sessions or even the elements.
Package Included:
1X Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphone 1X Earplugs
1X USB Cable
1X User Manual
1X Storage Box
1X Storage Bag

Product Features

  • Bone Conduction Technology – Headset uses the bone conduction speaker so the sound can pass through the skull directly to the auditory center, which eliminates many steps of acoustic transmission. It can achieve clear sound reduction in a noisy environment, so as to release the ears and revert to the delicate tone function. Suitable for people who jog, run, cycle, etc. Also, bone conduction headset helps the aged listen clearer, the young protect their hearing.
  • More Safety – Open-ear design, keeping alert of your surrounding while listen to music or responsive of cellphone. The ear is not blocked so that ambient sounds are clearly audible.
  • More Healthy and Comfortable – Sweat resistant, dust resistant and shock resistant. Bone conduction technology delivers stereo sound without nesting anything inside or covering the ears and won’t generate electromagnetic waves which is harmful to the body of people. On the contrary, it could promote the metabolism of cerebral cortex for long time wearing.
  • Ergonomic Design for Protecting Hearing – Eardrum will be hurt for long time wearing traditional headphones. But bone conduction bluetooth will release your ear and receive sound environment without hurting your eardrum even for a long time wearing.
  • Characteristics – 8 hours lasting time of music + calls. Wireless bluetooth connectivity can connect two device at the same time, supporting music play and phone call. Titanium frame provides durability and flexibility. Lightweight, foldable, easy to slip on and off. Weight: 75g/0.16 lb.

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