Wellys Bluelook Hearing Amplifier

The Bluelook Sound Zoomer is a fantastically discreet hearing amplifier that looks just like a bluetooth headset but works like a hearing aid! An ear amplifier can be a life-changing device if you have begun to experience hearing loss. Straining to hear conversations makes life really difficult and frustrating. It can be hard to know what to do, especially if you don’t like the thought of wearing a hearing aid! The Wellys hearing amplifier will help you to filter out unwanted background noise and fully experience the world around you again. Its comfortable design can be worn in three different ways – like a headset, clipped onto your lapel or as headphones. All these variations are totally discreet so that nobody will know you’re using something to help your hearing. Instead you will look as if you are on your way to an important meeting or are listening to your favourite tunes! When you switch it on, this amplifier will filter the sounds around you making them far clearer and easier to make out. It also enhances the volume so that you can more easily hear conversations, music and the television. bluelook sound zoomer Using your Wellys Bluelook 3-in-1 Sound Zoomer The headset is rechargeable via USB – connect to the USB of a computer or a USB power adaptor to charge Place the most comfortable silicone cap onto the headset Set the volume to its lowest setting Insert the silicone tip into your ear Adjust the volume as needed until your reach your desired level Your hearing amplifier can be easily maintained by cleaning with a damp cloth. Recommended For Discreetly enhancing sounds and filtering out background noise Included Contents 1 x headset, headphone adaptor, USB adaptor, clip attachment, 3 x silicone caps, instructions Power Recharges via USB in 12-14 hours Weight (kg) 0.1010 Colour Black Size 7 x 2.5 cm (2.75 x 1 inches)

Product Features

  • Wear in 3 different ways – as a headset, clipped to your lapel or as headphones
  • Discreet amplifier for low level hearing impairment
  • Hearing amplifier for hearing loss that filters and enhances sounds
  • Keep looking young and stylish without sacrificing your hearing!
  • Recharges via USB for your convenience

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