WAOBE Mini Hearing Amplifier Elderly Wireless Stealth Rechargeable Best Sound Amplifier Tone Deaf Ear-Shaped Hearing Aids

Hearing aid., it suits for SEVERE to PROFOUND hearing loss.
Combines the latest trimmer technology with latest digital hearing features.
 Volume adjustment for controling volume
The hearing aid  can be used for Left or Right Ear.
You can choose either for your left or right ear.
This aid is suitable for patients with mild to severe hearing loss.
 Hearing aid category: open-style wireless back ear
Medical Device Product Name: Ear-back hearing aids
Disease: Deaf ears are hearing loss
Symptoms: hearing loss, hearing loss deafness
Applicable people: not old adults in the elderly

Product Features

  • BEST SOUND AMPLIFIER: A pair of ear ITC from NewEar, which is the leader in protection and sound amplification that offers you precise sound amplification.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND CLASSY: Ours is a premium product that is made of top grade materials, designed by an expert audiologist using highly advanced mini microprocessor technology. In addition, it’s sleek and stylish.
  • EXTRA-SMALL AND DISCREET: This pair of Mini hearing amplifier is extremely small in size. No one will notice that you are wearing one as it fits perfectly in your ear canal.
  • HANDY AND LASTING: As this comes with fully digital circuitry and digital volume control, it’s profoundly convenient. Also, the device is strong and durable due to its rugged construction.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT?small size, easy to carry, high concealment, can make you more confident into the community and work for hearing loss, hearing impairment of the crow

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