USB Hearing Aid Rechargeable Adjustable Sound Amplifier Intelligent Noise Reduction Distinguish Left And Right Ears , Right ear

Adapt to the crowd: those with a high degree of hearing loss
Product Type: left ear and right ear two models
Maximum sound output: ? 110dB ± 5dB
Maximum sound gain: ? 30dB ± 5dB
Frequency range: 300 ~ 4500Hz
Input noise: ?40dB
Battery capacity 30MAH
Working voltage: DC1.3V

Product Features

  • 1mm thin hose design, invisible, the type of distinction between the left ear and right ear. Wear more adaptable.
  • Select digital high-definition sound quality chip, reduce noise, intelligent recognition of various sounds.
  • Professional eardrum, wearing invisible, light weight 8g, wearing no burden
  • Adjustable volume. Nano-coating level, body sweat-proof
  • USB cycle charging. Long standby time.

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