Unitron Tandem 4 M Beige

Unitron tandem 4 m cros/bicros bte tandem
tandem is new cros/bicros hearing instrument designed to overcome the difficulties associated with hearing in only one ear. The system picks up sounds on your poor ear side and transfers them to your better ear. Should you have hearing loss in your better ear, tandem will also help you hear more of what is occurring on your better side.
tandem offers you the choice of two technology levels – tandem 16 and tandem 4 – each providing a unique mix of impressive features designed to increase your confidence and freedom.
tandem provides comfortable, clear sound quality and superior features that address your listening needs across many challenging situations.
autoproTM3 (tandemTM 16 only): tandem is the first bicros that automatically adjusts to your listening environment, reducing the need for manual changes.
antishockTM: sudden, jarring noises can cause you significant discomfort. AntishockTM instantly detects these noises and makes them comfortable, without affecting the sounds you want to hear.
speech enhancement ld: tandem’s speech enhancement technology makes speech clearer without having to adjustment the volume.
noise reduction: tandem quickly identifies and reduces background noise, for enhanced listening comfort.
feedback management: a sophisticated feedback management system provides better listening with less chance of embarrassing whistling.
microphone strategies: tandem draws upon five flexible microphone strategies to help you hear better across diverse listening situations.

Product Features

  • 100 gm
  • Available in black/ beige
  • Unitron/ BTE

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