Raking® Bone Conduction Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headphone Earphone with Microphone-Black

Raking® Bone Conduction Information:

Bone conduction principle is based on the vibration of the skull pick up sound.
Bone conduction hearing AIDS, bone conduction headphone is based on the principle of development. Due to the sensitivity of the ear is higher, usually people don’t use your own skull to perceive sound, however, when hearing organ lesions for acoustic transfer blocked, the bone conduction may be used to compensate for the hearing.


Bluetooth: 3.0+EDR
Standby: over 10 days
Weight: 43g/1.5 ounces
Charge time: less than 2 hours
Effective distance: 10m(33 feet)
Type of speaker: bone conduction speaker
Play time: over 6 hours (time will decrease because of the volume increases)

2 in 1 Function:

It may connect two devices with bluetooth at the same time,here is the operations:
When pair with the first device,then disconnect with the device,turn on the second device, then pair with the second one. Keep the second device and headphone on,then pair with the first device,the “2 in 1” function works.


Then they will be connected automatically once they are in the effctive distance.
These function may varies from different smart phone, for they have different OS and software. When the device turned off, the headphone will be off, when turn it on again, please just press the Play button twice.
But if your headphone break off the device for a long time(over 3min), please click the Play button twice to connect the device again.
Due to the characteristics of bone conduction, if the heavy bass, the amplitude will be bigger, and you feel not comfort. This headphone has heavy bass settings, if you feel not comfort, please decrease the volume.

Product Features

  • ★INNOVATIVE BONE CONDUCTION TECHNOLOGY – thanks to the Coolplay® unique technology that use vibrations to transmit sound waves directly to the cochlea. Listen to music without blocking your ears, realize free communication.
  • ★ EAR-FREE DESIGN – worn over the ear, out of the touch of aurical and inner ear, avoiding the risk of swelling and bacteria growth. Open fit, assures unmatched ambient sound awareness and extended comfort. Avoid the risk of traffic accident and damage to your ears during exercises, let you be aware of the surrounding situation at any time.
  • ★COMFORTABLE WEARING – Adjustable headband for tight and comfortable wearing, no worries of the headset falling. Universally Compatible – Suitable for most Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as iPhone6s plus 5S 5 4S and Android smartphones, Samsung Galaxy phones and so on.
  • ★ STEREO SOUND QUALITY – make you enjoy a listening feast. Built-in microphone and 250mAh battery. Standby Time up to 120 hours, no need to charge it frequently.
  • ★ SWEAT RESISTANT – No worries for outdoor exercise. Applied bluetooth V3.0, wireless transmission distance up to 10m. Support 2 phones connection simultaneously. Call reminder, answer the phone call.

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Eyoyo LF19 Waterproof Foldable Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree Sports Headset Earphone Headphone NFC for iPhone,HTC,Sony,Galaxy S6

The only wireless headphones to offer uninhibited situational awareness, complete with a sound quality that will shock you. A patented design and bone conduction technology guides mini vibrations through your cheekbones to your inner ears, delivering sound without plugging or covering them.
Exceptionally lightweight and comfortable, this unmatched open ear listening experience is further enriched through innovative technologies that make it possible (and safe)to tune in to music or voice communication without tuning out the world

Bone conduction technology uses vibrations to transmit sound waves directly to the cochlea. Open Fit assures unmatched ambient sound awareness and extended comfort.

Leak Slayer technology significantly reduces natural sound leakage.
Dual microphones deliver clear communication even in noisy environments

Wireless range: 33ft (10m)
Battery: rechargeable lithium ion
Continuous play: 5 hours
Standby time: 10 days
Charge in: 1.8 hours

How to pair with your phone?

1. Shutdown state long press power button 6 second
2.Search bluetooth device on your phone or other digital products, then choose Windshear
If it is 1st time to match, it will automatically enter the match mode once the bt headphone turning on,And the LED lights will alternate flash between blue and red.

If the connecting distance is beyond the bt headphone effective range(10m or 33feets), the headphone will disconnect with the device. Once in effective range again, they will connect again automatically. But if the disconnecting continues for long time(over 3mins), you maybe need manual matching

What is in package:

1 x LF19 Headset
1 x USB Cable
1 x User manual
1 xkeychain N1504

Product Features

  • Ear Opening Experience,this stereo headphones that allow you to tune in to music or calls without tuning out the world, all with complete wireless freedom. Our open ear bone conduction headphones guide mini vibrations through your cheekbones to your inner ears, ensuring you can open to ambient sound, even when you are plugged in, working out or on the go.
  • Bone Conduction, delivering stereo sound without plugging or covering them. Sound waves travel directly to the cochlea, by passing the eardrums completely-an alternative for anyone concerned about potential hearing damage caused by traditional headphones and ear buds, and even a solution for those with certain forms of hearing loss.
  • Eyoyo brand quality Warranty
  • hearing aids and hands free headset

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