VBESTLIFE Audiphone Bone Conduction Headsets Hearing Aids Headphones AUX IN for Hearing Difficulties

Compared with traditional hearing aids, the bone conduction hearing aid that receive sound by the skull is more comfortable and healthier. Besides, the both sides could receive voice and can adjust the volume separately. No eardrum damage, healthy and eco-friendly. It is suitable for those who have trouble in listening.

1. The pick-up box is not water proof design. So do not use wet cloth to clean this part.
2. If the squeak is happening, please switch off the headphones first, then adjust the both volume to minimum, switch on the headphone again, and adjust the volume higher to appropriate again.

Color: black 
Model: YKL-801
Name: bone conduction hearing aid
Battery capacity: 350ma.
Input: DC 5.0 ± 5V, 500 mA
Frequency: 100hz-20khz.
Play time: about 10 hours.
Charging time: about 4 hours.
Standby time: 60 days or more
Pickup sensitivity: -54 ± 2db
Package weight: 153g

Package List:
1 x Bone Conduction Hearing Aid
1 x USB Cable
1 x 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • Bone Conduction Hearing Aid: Uses a sound pickup unit to receive sound through the intelligent integrated module to drive vibrator vibration. The sound can be directly transmit though the skull to the inner ear
  • More Comfortable and Healthier: The sound transmits through the bone to auditory nerve, more comfortable and healthier than traditional hearing aids, suitable for people who has trouble in listening
  • Keeping Ear Disease Away: No need to put into ears. It releases your ears to allow the air to circulate, easy to clean, to avoid ear disease caused by sweat
  • AUX IN Function: With an additional 3.5mm audio cable that connects the bone conduction hearing aids to the mobile phones, tablets or laptops, this hearing aid allows for easy access to calls and multimedia entertainment
  • Ear-free Keeping Danger Away: Release your ears to listen the world, you can response to the surrounding situation quickly, far away from dangerous, suitable for many indoor and outdoor activities

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