NewEar – Great Value Digital Hearing Amplifier – Behind the Ear – Rechargeable, comes with Dual Chargers – Double Value Pair Pack – Left and Right ear Specific – Outlet and USB chargers, Six earbuds.

Why choose NewEar BTE rechargeable hearing amplifier?

Best Amplifier

NewEar has brought for you the new double value pair pack of rechargeable BTE hearing amplifier with the most convenient design. In case you are looking for a device that will allow you to experience a new level of sound then our amplifier is just the right accessory for you. The device is designed by our most expert audiologists to bring up a very powerful but affordable unit.

Incomparable Design

Its design is unlike any other BTE device. It has some unique features like noise reduction and feedback cancellation that will eliminate unwanted sound and let you hear only what is necessary. With rechargeable feature, you won’t have to purchase replacement batteries. You can simply charge it via USB or AC power outlet.

Optimum Amplification

For best amplification and better control, our amplification device comes with a digital volume control so that you can set the volume accurately in no time. Its full digital circuitry ensures ultimate volume setting and precise amplification.

Fits All

This pair is constructed to fit in ears of all sizes. For best fit and comfort the set comes with four additional ear plugs of different sizes.

Key Features

• Double value pair
• Noise Reduction
• Rechargeable
• Small and comfortable
• Fits all

Best Price

We are offering this awesome pair of NewEar Hearing amplifier at the rate of one for a limited time. So grab yours before the offer vanishes.

To take advantage of this valuable offer today, just click the Add to Cart button above.

Product Features

  • PAIR OF REVOLUTIONARY BTE AMPLIFIER: NewEar Hearing Amplifier with specialized noise reduction facility is an ultimate solution for those who require optimal sound amplification.
  • INNOVATIVE CONSTRUCTION: This personal sound amplifier designed by an audiologist. It has a fully digital circuitry and digital volume control for improved performance.
  • ULTRA LIGHT AND VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE: For convenience the BTE hearing amplifier is constructed extremely small and light. Its body is half transparent and won’t be noticed by others easily.
  • HIGHLY COMFORTABLE: Made of high quality materials, the device is safe and pretty much comfortable to wear. It fits perfectly on individuals of all ages.
  • RECHARGEABLE: With this pair of hearing amplifier, there won’t be any additional expenses on batteries as they are rechargeable. Also, our device is designed to consume minimal power.

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