Hearing Aids Ultra Clear Mini Earphones Old Sound Amplifier Elderly Helps To Aid Your Ability Hear Wireless Steal Amplification Handset Volume Control For People Deaf Loss Headphones Portable Invisible

Portable Hearing Aid Elderly Old People Invisible Hard Of Hearing Sound Amplifier


1. This hearing aid is easy to hide and comfortable to wear and enjoys unmatched comfort and styling. 

2. This fashionable hearing aid is equipped with 3 different sizes of earplugs to fit different sizes of ears. 

3. It features easy wearing, low noise production and low distortion, and can help hearing-impaired people hear the sound. 

4. It’s applicable to either right ear or left ear. With the mini size and light weight, the hearing aid is not easy to see.  

5. The audio amplifier is equipped with a good built-in digital noise reduction controller so that you can easily hear people’s communication even in the noisy room. 

Tips: Adjust the volume to the minimum before you wear, and gradually increase the volume to avoid a sudden increase in sound 


Name: Hearing Aid 

Material: Plastic 

Maximum sound output: 130±5dB 

Sound gain: ≥50dB 

Total harmonic distortion: ≤5% 

Frequency range: 300-4000Hz 

Input noise: ≤30dB 

Voltage: DC 1.5V 

Current: ≤4mA 

Packing list: 

Hearing aid*1 

Earplugs (different sizes)*3 


Cleaning brush *1 


Product Features

  • 【ADVANCED HEARING AMPLIFIER】: This revolutionary hearing amplifier with feedback cancellation feature is particularly designed for those who need optimum quality sound amplification.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY AND CLASSY】: Ours is a premium product that is made of top grade materials, designed by an expert audiologist using highly advanced mini microprocessor technology. In addition, it’s sleek and stylish.
  • 【Compact Size for Travel】small size, easy to carry, high concealment, can make you more confident into the community and work for hearing loss, hearing impairment of the crow
  • 【Parameters】: Name: Hearing Aid Material: Plastic Maximum sound output: 130±5dB Sound gain: ≥50dB Total harmonic distortion: ≤5% Frequency range: 300-4000Hz Input noise: ≤30dB Voltage: DC 1.5V Current: ≤4mA Packing list: Hearing aid*1 Earplugs (different sizes)*3 Battery*2 Cleaning brush *1 Manual*1
  • 【Tips】: Adjust the volume to the minimum before you wear, and gradually increase the volume to avoid a sudden increase in sound

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Reelva Ultra Clear Mini Sound Amplifier – Set of 2 + Batteries – Behind The Ear Hearing Aid Sound Amplifier Volume Adjustable New

Item Specifics:
Max sound output: 130±5dB
Sound gain: ≥50dB
Total Harmonic Wave Distoriton: ≤5%
Frequency range: 300Hz-4000Hz
Input noise: ≤30dB
Voltage: d.c.1.5V Current: ≤4mA

100% Brand New And High Quality.
Silicone Ear Pads with 3 different size, suitable for any Ear Size.
Convenient to wear.
Low noise, low distortion.
For all the people who severe hearing loss.
The scope of application of gas conduction hearing disorders.
Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision

Package included:
2 x Hearing aids
4 x AG13 button cell battery
6 x Silicone ear pads
1 x English Manual

Product Features

  • Universal Design (Right or Left Ear) – (Male or Female Use)
  • Silicone ear pads with 3 different Size, Suitable for any Ear Size
  • Power ON/OFF : N-H Switch, Volume Control: Sliding Regulator
  • Battery Type: Low Power Consumption, AG13 button Cell Battery (included)
  • Never Miss Any word at lectures, movies, shows or church

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