Phonak TVLink II basestation by KEEPHEARING LTD

Phonak TVLink II Basestation by Keephearing Ltd. The Phonak TVLink II – used in combination with ComPilot/ComPilot II or ComPilot Air offers easy understanding of TV programs. It improves speech understanding by turning Phonak hearing aids into wireless stereo headphones for TV or music sources. The streaming distance of up to 30 meters (100 ft) allows you to move around the house without missing what is happening on the TV. The Phonak TVLink II connects to all modern TVs with analog or digital (optical, coaxial) outputs. Streaming starts automatically as soon as the Phonak TVLink II and the connected audio source are switched on. There is an exchangeable charging slot for ComPilot/ComPilot II or ComPilot Air. The Phonak TVLink II basestation is independent of the Phonak hearing instrument model. It sends the audio stream via a Phonak streamer. This ensures the audio stream can easily be controlled (pause/resume, volume up/down). The Phonak TVLink II can be used with all Phonak streamers (ComPilot, ComPilot II and ComPilot Air II). The older TVLink S basestation would also stream to the new streamers ComPilot II and ComPilot Air but doesn’t offer a charging slot for ComPilot Air.

Product Features

  • For Genuine Phonak TV LInk II please order only from Seller KEEPHEARING LTD

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