Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 pack 60 batteries, Model: Size 312, Gadget & Electronics Store

DURACELL is a global marketer of hearing aid batteries. When you need reliable, long lasting power for your hearing aid, use a DURACELL hearing aid battery. Introducing DURACELL Hearing Aid Batteries with EASYTAB — The world’s first easy to use hearing aid batteries. New EASYTAB makes changing your hearing aid batteries as easy as 1-2-3. Easy to open package, Easy to remove the batteries & Easy to insert the battery into your hearing device.

Product Features

  • Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries EASY TAB
  • Easier to open, compact, discreet and totally protects your batteries
  • Reliable, long lasting power for your hearing aid
  • Pack of 6 of size 312 1.4-Volt zinc air hearing aid batteries (60 total batteries)

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PowerOne ACCU plus Size 312 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries, Model: Size 312 2-Pack, Gadget & Electronics Store

These fast chargeable batteries are ecologically sound. By using our rechargeable button cells, you help to protect the environment. The rechargeable batteries do not contain any heavy metals like mercury, cadmium or lead. These high-performance NiHM batteries are characterized by their excellent reliability and quality without any memory effect. All power one batteries are subjected to strict safety and quality checks.CHARGER NOT INCLUDED

Product Features

  • Fast chargeable batteries
  • Excellent reliability and quality
  • Ecologically sound
  • Do not contain any heavy metals like mercury, cadmium or lead
  • All Power-One batteries are subjected to strict safety and quality checks

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J.J Store® Siemens Mini Size High-Power Digital Behind-The-Ear BTE Hearing Aid Touching Lower Distortion Volume Control Remarkable

1.Sturdy and good looking housing in fine finish.
2.For Moderate to severe hearing loss
3.Low frequency noise reduction mode
4.Siemens is the world’s largest manufacturer of hearing aids with superior quality – at a very competitive price;

1.The wire plug connected to the headset.Then earplug connector (hard) to the headset, ear buds (silica gel) to connect to the headphone connector pedestal
2.The battery installation: Gently open the battery compartment cover, put a battery into the battery compartment in the right direction, then close the battery compartment .

3.Before you use this item ,you have to turn the ON-OFF switch to Off,and turn the sound volume to minimum

4.Then put this item on you ear, keep it tightly

5.Next, turn this item ON, adjust the volume until you hear clear sound

1.Adjust volume to the minimum before wearing.
2.Choose an earplug of slightly bigger size to avoid whistler.
3.Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.
4.If you hear a howling,check the ear (silica gel) is appropriate and
5.whether the size of plug is tight, the appropriate choice of earplugs and plugged, make sure no air leakage.
6. Please regularly clean the ear plugs or ear molds in order to ensure the normal use of hearing aids.

Package Content

1 BRAND NEW Siemens TOUCHING, 100% Digital, Mini Size, Super High Power, Behind-the-Ear, hearing aid
1 User Manual
1 Siemens type 13 battery(not include)
3 different size ear plugs to fit your ear
1 carrying case

Product Features

  • 1.100% digital signal processing chip.
  • 2.Low distorted, low noise digit acoustic fidelity output.
  • 3.Microphone noise abatement.
  • 4.Excellent feedback elimination system.
  • 5.New robust design with reinforcement, moisture-proof new outward appearance.

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J.J Store® Siemens Hearing Aid Drying Set Dehumidifier Dryer Works With Varied Hearing Aid




Packing list:

one piece of?Siemens drying set(dehumidifier)


Tear the aluminum paper and put the dried into the box.(The paper side is upward)

Put your hearing aids onto the dried cake and close the lid tightly.


1.Please change the dried timely when the color change to white.

2. Keep out of reach of children;

3.Keep out of water.

Product Features

  • Works with all types of traditional hearing aids as well as cochlear implants
  • Fewer repairs on your hearing aids
  • Better sound quality from your hearing aids
  • Fresh and clean hearing aids
  • Can easily be rejuvenated by baking in your microwave oven once per month for 30 seconds

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J.J Store® 18 pcs Ear Plug with 6 tubes Siemens Resound BTE Hearing Aid Aids Eartips Domes (size S M L)


Sets of Eartips in 3 different sizes (S, M, L)

S (about 8 mm) 

M (about 11 mm)

L (about 13 mm)

Soft and comfortable Eartips, can be used on behind the ear hearing aids, in the ear hearing aids, pocket hearing aids

Packing list: 6 sets Ear Plug Siemens Resound BTE Hearing Aid Aids Eartips Domes (size S M L)

S (about 8 mm) -6 pieces

M (about 11 mm) -6 pieces

L (about 13 mm) -6 pieces

Product Features

  • 1. This Universal Quick-Fit BTE (Behind-the-Ear) Hearing Aid Aids Domes and Tube Kit comes with one (1) tube and three (3) sizes of domes – small, medium and large, along with the elbow connector that connects the domes to the tube – for one (1) ear/hearing aid.
  • 2. After connecting the preferred dome size to the tube, you can then match up the proper length of the tube with the earhook of your BTE to cut for a customized fit. Simply Do-it-Yourself!
  • 3. Due to the low-profile design, this kit provides one of the most discreet, but well-sealed fittings for your BTE hearing aid. This is an excellent alternative to standard BTE earmolds and tubing. You will find, like most wearers, that you will prefer the fit, comfort and improved visual appearance, compared to traditional BTE fitting earmolds.
  • 4. Plus, there is no comparison in cost. At 10% or less the cost of tradtional BTE earmolds, this will be your go-to BTE fitting solution for LIFE!
  • 5. Buy with confidence, and enjoy!Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you!

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