Wireless Rechargeable stealth hearing aid of the deafness of the Ear age amplify sonorous voice the earphone

Category: Wireless hearing aid of the ear type
Medical Device Product Description: auditory device
symptoms: loss of hearing to deafness deafness
Persons: Older adults
Buy Sex: Noise Reduction Low Frequencies Wireless simple operation stealth
amplify to listen builds with a chip digital control of the frequency and can be easily integrated into various environments noise emissions.
designed small behind the ear, practically invisible and very seriously. Rotary earphone so that this help hearing in one ear digital use.
small, discrete, and adjustable for both ears’

Product Features

  • Convenient for watching movie, enjoying the drama, attending meeting, or having class, it could help you hear the sound clearly and loudly
  • Left/Right ear adjustability. Adjust the tube to left or right, so that you can wear it in your left ear or right ear.
  • High/Low frequency modes. Reduces unwanted background noise by adjusting focus using two different modes.
  • In the low frequency, you will hear the sound very strongly and loudly. In the low frequency, you will hear the sound very deeply and quietly
  • Delivery time 15-25 days.

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