SczlSyl BTE Hearing amplifier charging mode Hearing aid Bluetooth hearing aid After the senior ear sound amplification(single)

Features: easy to operate volume control
USB rechargeable
mini type
Each set includes:
Two hearing aids
Hard plastic storage box
USB rechargeable base
Cleaning kit
Storage bag
user’s Guide

Product Features

  • 1: Professional BTE audio amplifier, firmly fit your ears, the transfer of clear sound, reduce noise, while avoiding dropped calls.A single hearing aid that solves the hearing of both ears
  • 2: Adjustable mode and volume, can adapt to different levels of hearing impaired people, can help them clearly hear the surrounding!
  • 3: Bluetooth design, light, comfortable, beautiful, will not feel tired and embarrassed. Lithium battery charging, long standby, use more at ease.
  • 4: Amplify your speech selectively, using energy-efficient twelve-band digital sound processing, separating it from background noise and sound, to help you understand;
  • 5: USB charging cycle, save time and worry. HD sound quality, chip advanced noise reduction system, voice clearer. Simple operation, a key switch, a key volume adjustment.

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