Hearing aid with digital sound is a hearing amplifier BTE ready to use for the people with hearing loss

Features • Super efficient power consumption • 500+ hours of battery life • All day long with this small, discreet device • Easy single-finger operation • Active digital noise reduction • Stylish and ready-to-use modern design What’s up In the kit • High quality i hearing aid amplifier • Compact carrying case • 3 ear tips of different sizes for good fit and comfort • 3 long battery life • Cleaning brush • Instructions

Product Features

  • This personal sound amplifier is built with a digital chip and frequency control to easily adapt to different sound environments.
  • Small behind the ear designed to be virtually invisible and very light. Rotating earpiece to allow this digital hearing aid to be used in any ear.
  • Small, discreet and adjustable` for both ears.
  • Model ready to use, comes with 3 batteries included 675A

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