Siemens eCharger Model 312-L for Pure Micon (Xmi) / Binax / Primax with 2 Hearing aids rechargeable Batteries. Brand New by KEEPHEARING LTD

Your rechargeable hearing aids reduce battery waste by using roughly 1 pair of batteries per year instead of nearly 52 batteries or more. This eCharger allows you to charge and dry easily your hearing aids, as well as saving yourself the hassle of fiddling with battery changes you’ll also be doing something for our environment, as you’ll be significantly reducing the amount of waste batteries. Included: – Siemens eCharger 312-L – Manual – Original Box – Wall Charger – 2 Hearing aid rechargeable Batteries. Brand New by KEEPHEARING LTD.

Product Features

  • Siemens e-Chager 312-L with 2 x Rechargeable 312 batteries for Siemens hearing aids.
  • Compatible with Siemens Pure Micon (Xmi) / Binax / Primax Hearing aids
  • Made in Germany by Siemens.
  • Environmentally friendly solution.
  • High-quality product supplied by KEEPHEARING LTD.

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