LL-Mini Digital Rechargeable Hearing Aid Aids BTE for the Elderly Wireless Moderate to Severe loss High Power , Blue

Professional BTE sound amplifier,Medical grade ABS material, 360° rotating ear hook
Silicone earplugs in 4 different sizes, fit most ears.
Weight: 8g
Constantly use :above 40 hours
Max sound Output: 130±4dB
Total harmonic wave distortion: ?10%
Frequency Range: 450-3500Hz
Input Noise: ?32dB
Voltage: d.c1.5V
Current: ?1.2mA

Digital Rechargeable    
Automatic noise reduction    
2 individual hearing programs    
for Moderate to severe Hearing Loss   

Product Features

  • Use of medical grade TPE environmentally friendly materials, comfortable to wear, soft touch, ergonomic design;
  • Using digital signal processing technology, automatically adapt to the environment, improve language clarity, lower noise, less distortion.
  • Small and exquisite, lightweight and portable, weighs only 8g, out of communication unimpeded.
  • In the high frequency, you will hear the sound very strongly and loudly. In the low frequency, you will hear the sound very deeply and quietly
  • Convenient for watching movie, enjoying the drama, attending meeting, or having class, it could help you hear the sound clearly and loudly

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Hearing aids F-883 sound amplifier deaf ear tin hearing aid ear battery power hearing aids in the ear

Thank you for buying a hearing aid. When you watch a movie, enjoy a theater, attend a meeting or class,
The product can help you hear the sound clearly and loudly. Although in the forest,
If you want to hear a very slight sound, it would be a good choice.
1. Sound output: 110 ± 5dB
2. Sound gain: ? 30dB
3. Total harmonic distortion: ? 10%
Frequency range: 300-4000Hz
5. Input noise: ? 40dB
6.Voltage: d.c.1.5V
7. Current: ?4mA
Package Contents:
Headphone amplifier 1 set
1 manual
2 AG5 batteries
3 different sizes of earplugs

Product Features

  • Weight: 5g, small size, easy to carry, for hearing loss, hearing impairment of the crowd
  • Material: the use of medical grade silicone ear hook, soft touch, comfortable to wear, durable and durable materials, repeated stretching is not deformed
  • HD sound quality, intelligent noise reduction, you can adjust the volume size, the use of digital signal processing technology, automatically adapt to the environment, improve voice clarity, lower noise
  • Digital IC chip, small standby time is longer, the use of time 40h, current consumption 1.2mA
  • Filter out unnecessary noise caused by airflow or wind Direct, powerful and smooth sound directly into your ear

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Power One Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries (Blue) Size 675 Pack of 60

Power One size 675 hearing aid batteries – type – p675 10 cards of 6 batteries = 60 Colour coded blue. Long tab useful for customers with limited dexterity. Used mainly for super power BTE hearing aids.

Product Features

  • Voltage 1.45v
  • Typical capacity 650 mAh
  • Diameter 11.6mm
  • Height 5.4mm
  • Weight 1.85g

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Power one – Hearing aid rechargeable battery 13A power one 1.2V 25mAh – Blister(s) x 2

New PowerOne hearing aid rechargeable batteries. A total of two size 13 batteries per pack. Make sure to check out PowerOne’s Pocketcharger. Recharge your batteries wherever you are.

Product Features

  • PowerOne ACCU Plus hearing aid rechargeable batteries
  • Size 13 batteries
  • Two batteries per pack
  • Charger not included

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NewEAR Digital High Power BTE Hearing Personal Sound Amplifier “NEW RELEASE”

The NewEAR Digital High Power BTE is a revolutionary sound amplification system that is affordable and discreet. Lightweight and compact, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing it. Whether you’re in the theater, watching TV, listening to soft music or just having a quiet conversation, you will hear loud and clear. While some hearing devices can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, NewEAR Digital High Power BTE is a remarkable value! IMPORTANT INSTRUCTION: Turn down the volume completely before placing amplifier into ear. Once in the ear, turn volume up slowly till you reach your comfort sound level.

Product Features

  • POWERFUL HEARING AMPLIFIER: This revolutionary digital BTE amplifier by NewEar is the most powerful hearing amplifier with noise reduction feature, for those who need premium quality sound amplification.
  • EXTRAORDINARY DESIGN: It’s a micro BTE and has air construction, meticulously designed by our expert audiologist. This unit comes with 3 different earplugs for convenience.
  • PRECISE VOLUME CONTROL: With the digital volume control, it can gradually and comfortably increase sound levels according to your unique hearing needs.
  • COMFORTABLE: Our amplifier is perfect for adults of all ages. It works excellently on either of the ears. Also, due to its featherweight, you can wear it comfortably for prolonged periods.
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Unlike other amplifiers, ours guarantees a very low lifetime expense on batteries as it consumes less power, initially increasing battery life.

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Energizer Alkaline Power AA Batteries x 24

Energizer AA batteries have Power Seal Technology to ensure reliable power. Ideal for many uses, such as cameras, torches, video games, etc.

Pack size: 12 plus 12 FREE.

Product Features

  • The Energizer brand expertise
  • They give lasting power for your basic energy needs
  • Energizer alkaline power have a high resistance to leakage

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Power One Size 675 MERCURY FREE Hearing Aid Batteries (60 Batteries)

60 PowerOne Mercury Free Batteries, Size 675 Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries. (60 batteries Comfort dial pack, 10 cards of 6 cells each). VARTA Microbattery with its brand Power One has over 100 years of experience in developing innovative battery technologies. Featuring with its consumer-focused extra long tabs, Power One batteries are manufactured at the world’s most up-to-date and biggest production site for hearing aid batteries in Ellwangen/Germany-well recognized for manufacturing quality and detailed precision. Subject to Germany’s stringent safety guidelines and quality checks, every cell is tested for its electrical and mechanical characteristics in compliance with its specification.

Product Features

  • Mercury Free
  • Quality Seal On Back Ensures That The Batteries Have Not Been Tampered With.
  • Long Lasting With An Extra Long Tab To Facilitate Easy Handling.

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CareforYou® Siemens TOUCHING Digital High Power BTE Hearing Aid hearing Enhancer Mini Size,Moderate to severe hearing loss


1.The wire plug connected to the headset.Then earplug connector (hard) to the headset, ear buds (silica gel) to connect to the headphone connector pedestal

2.The battery installation: Gently open the battery compartment cover, put a battery into the battery compartment in the right direction, then close the battery compartment .

3. Before you use this item ,you have to turn the ON-OFF switch to Off,and turn the sound volume to minimum

4.Then put this item on you ear, keep it tightly

5.Next, turn this item ON, adjust the volume until you hear clear sound


1.Adjust volume to the minimum before wearing.

2.Choose an earplug of slightly bigger size to avoid whistler.

3.Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.

4.If you hear a howling,check the ear (silica gel) is appropriate and

5.whether the size of plug is tight, the appropriate choice of earplugs and plugged, make sure no air leakage.

6. Please regularly clean the ear plugs or ear molds in order to ensure the normal use of hearing aids.

7.Use for long periods of time, please remove the batteries to prevent battery rot erosion hearing aid components.

Package Content

1 BRAND NEW Siemens TOUCHING, 100% Digital, Mini Size, Super High Power, Behind-the-Ear, hearing aid

1 User Manual

1 Siemens type 13 battery(not include)

3 different size ear plugs to fit your ear

1 carrying case

Product Features

  • Siemens is the largest manufacture of hearing aids all over the world. This LATEST DESIGNED TOUCHING model is, Ready-To-Wear, 100% Pure Digital, Mini Size, Super High Power, Behind-The-Ear hearing aid. It suits for moderate to severe hearing loss. TOUCHING provides superior sound quality with low distortion – at a very competitive price. Unique in its class, TOUCHING uses a highly advanced feedback cancellation system, for comfortable hearing.
  • 100% digital signal processing chip Low distorted, low noise digit acoustic fidelity output
  • Microphone noise abatement Excellent feedback elimination system;Single easy to adjust NH Trimme
  • New robust design with reinforcement, moisture-proof new;Button control with two functions : Soft/Loud
  • Suit for the people with moderate and severe hearing loss

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10x Rayovac Button Coin Cell Batteries Original Swiss Made Silver Oxide 1.55V Mercury Free For Ultra-compact, Long lasting, Low Voltage Power Source + 1x Vibe® Black USB LED Lamp

Rayovac is a trusted brand. Rayovac is a global consumer products company and a leading supplier of batteries. What’s worse than losing power in your keyless entry remote? Maybe losing power in your handheld games. Whatever the case, Rayovac electronic batteries provide high performance at a great price, keeping your specialty devices going strong. Rayovac Keyless Entry Batteries offer a full lineup to meet all of your needs. Watches, calculators, remote controls, games, keyless entry devices all require batteries. Rayovac Electronic Batteries provide you with the power you need at a great value. Mercury-free long-lasting use and an excellent shelf life.

• Rayovac batteries is world’s longest lasting mercury-free battery.
• Rayovac batteries provide high performance at a great price.
• Superior cell design that resists swelling & leakage
• Providing optimal performance and greater consistency
• Rayovac button-cell lithium batteries are sure to suit your daily needs.
• For use in watches, calculators, games, keyless entry devices, medical devices and much more.
• Guaranteed performance.

• 10X Rayovac Battery
• 1X Black USB LED Lamp

Product Features

  • Rayovac high quality hearing aid battery range with Great performance and great value – making an ideal battery of choice.
  • High Quality Mercury Free Swiss Battery. Extra Long Expiry Date.
  • Can be use on Desk, Bed, Outdoor, Wherever you are, it offers convenience. Flexible silicone material.
  • Unique Portable, Bendable, Flexible, Light Weight, Ultra Slim USB LED Lamp/Light.
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