Energizer Hearing Aid Battery AC312E Pack of 6

Energizer Knopfzellen sind von höchster Qualität und halten länger als Knopfzellen für Hörgeräte anderer Hersteller.  Produktdetails:KnopfzelleEnergizer TYP 312 (PR41)1,4 V6er BlisterkartenverpacktZink LuftDurchmesser: ca. 7,8 mmHöhe: ca. 3,45 mmGewicht: 0,53Top QUALITÄTLange Haltbarkeit0 % Quecksilber  Baugleich:VARTA > V312Activair > 312HPXDuracell > DA312GP Sylva Cell > ZA312Panasonic > PR312HRenata > ZA312Toshiba > ZA312Ucar > AC312IEC > PR41

Product Features

  • Voltage: 1.4 V
  • Height 3.6 mm diameter 7.9 mm
  • Competitors ‘names: PR41 – CL-312 – L312ZA – 312AE – P312 – AC312
  • Chem. System: Zinc Air

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Magnet Expert® Precision Telescopic Magnetic Retrieval Pen Pick-up Tool – Max Lift: 1kg ( Pack of 1 )

If you have ever needed to retrieve a metal item like your keys from a place which is just out of reach you will know how frustrating it can be. This handy precision tool is a must-have for any home for such an occasion. Because the small magnets can lift an impressive 1kg they are also popular among people suffering from back pain to easily retrieve metal items from the floor without having to bend down.

Product Features

  • Extends From 125m To 650mm
  • Supports up to 1kg
  • Ideal For Recovering Mild Steel (Ferromagnetic) Objects
  • Retrieve Keys, Nuts & Bolts etc. – A Must For Any Toolbox!
  • Designed For Precise Retrieval From Areas Fingers Can Not Reach

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Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries for Bloom Size 13 (Pack of 60 cells)

bloom hearing aid batteries by Rayovac in a size 13. Hearing aid batteries are delivered in cartons of 60 cells.

Product Features

  • Zinc Air Battery Manufactured by Rayovac
  • Pack of 60 Batteries
  • The bloom size 13 batteries are mainly for the smaller hearing aids such as CIC (completely in canal) and some of the RIC (receiver in canal).
  • Free UK Delivery

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‘”Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries Akustic S10 6 4610 A Special Rayovac Hearing Aid Battery (Pack of 2)

‘Hearing aid batteries “Rayovac Akustic Special Rayovac hearing aid battery. S10 6 4610
•; Mercury free with Korrosionswiderstandsfähiger bowl for more power and improved conductivity •; proven packaging for easy removal • – Patented technology from the worldwide No. 1 in hearing aid battery producers in • 100% single punch price per hearing aid cell: 1.49 EUR •; Pack of 6)
Type 10
Design Zinc Air
Voltage: 1.4 V (Pack of 2)

Product Features

  • Free Delivery over 29,00 Euro for the entire Bestellung. Receipt included with itemised sales tax. It is always a original packaging and not a Black3. Suitable are not included. In doubt is the colour of the description rather than the image.

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Siemens/Signia Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312, pack of 60 batteries by KEEPHEARING LTD

SIEMENS/Signia hearing aid batteries are high quality with long life, even in powerful instruments. Signia batteries provide long running times at a constant voltage level and thus contribute to an optimum hearing aid performance. Signia batteries are reliable and safe due to triple sealed high quality material e. g. stainless steel. Signia batteries are environmentally friendly as they are 100% mercury free. Easy removal of cells with the innovative delivery wheel ensures only one battery is delivered at a time. Maximum product protection thanks to the security seal. Secure closure of the packet with lockable dispensing tab. Clear color coding for instant recognition of your battery type. Environmentally friendly

Product Features

  • 1.45V
  • Size 312
  • Made in Germany
  • Long Lasting Hearing Aid Battery
  • For Genuine Siemens/Signia Battery please order from KEEPHEARING LTD

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Varta/Rayovac Extra Advanced Hearing Aid Batteries 6 pack – Size 10

Weight including packaging/pack of 6: 4 g
Manufacturer: VARTA/Rayovac (Extra Advanced)
Varta Type: HA10
INT. Size: PR70

Product Features

  • Weight including packaging: 4G/Pack of 6
  • Varta product number HA10
  • Manufacturer: Varta/Rayovac (Extra Advanced)
  • Int. Size: PR70

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Sony ZA 13 Hearing Aid Batteries Pack of 60 310 mAh 1.4 V

Very high quality Sony hearing aid batteries
Value Pack Of 60 batteries
To meet the highest standards, the best technical parameters, original manufacturer packaging.
Excellent hearing aid batteries
Battery for highest hearing aid performance
Shelf Life is 2 years
Batterieabdichtung to protect the hearing aid
Technical Information
Type: ZA 13
Types Number: PR13 D6 A
Voltage (V): 1.4
Electrochemical System: Zinc Air
Typical capacity (mAh): 310
Diameter (mm): 7.9
Height (mm): 5.4
Box Contents:
10 x Pack of 6 Pack of Sony za 13 hearing aid batteries X60 310 mAh 1.4 V in original retail packaging (where packaging is applicable)

Product Features

  • Excellent hearing aid batteries
  • Shelf life is 2 years
  • Battery for optimum hearing aid performance
  • Branded Product in Original Retail Packaging (where packaging is applicable)
  • Type 13

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Mini Ear Amplifying Aid For partially deaf and hard of hearing (2 Pack)

Features of FolkAid

– Volume can be adjusted with 6 levels

– Ergonomic design makes it as invisible as possible

– Easy to use and maintain

– Use larger battery and last longer time

– Capable of more amplification than are other hearing aid styles

– Feedback is not often a problem with this aid

– Well designed to make sure that you can hear low voices clearly and protect you from unbearable high volume and noises


– OSPL90: 126 ±5dB.

– Full-on Acoustic Gain: 44 ±5dB

– Frequency Range: 450Hz ~ 3500Hz.

– Measurement of Harmonic Distortion: ≤8%

– Equivalent Input Noise Level: ≤30dB

Package Content

2 * Hearing Aids

4 * Batteries

4 * Ear Adapters(2x small, 2x big)

Product Features

  • Increases hearing power instantly!
  • Volume can be adjusted with 6 levels
  • Ergonomic design makes it as invisible as possible
  • Use larger battery and last longer time
  • Capable of more amplification than are other hearing aid styles

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