Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Headset, YAMAY Over the Head Wireless Headphones With Flexible Boom Mic and Multipoint Noise Canceling Charging Dock Stand for Car and Truck Drivers Computer iPhone Android Phones and Other Bluetooth Devices

Product Specifications:
1.Advanced 4 times Noise Cancellation technology, With DSP digital signal processing function, allow you to maintain a very clear and crystal conversation while talking.
2.Balance & lightweight, Headset, Handsfree, A2DP and AVRCP Profiles
3.Frequency: 2.4GHZ – 2.4835GHz,ISM Band,Bluetooth range: 30 ft
4.RF Sensitivity:75dBm
5.Power supply: DC 5.0V /200Ma
6.Worling volt: 3.7V
8.Battery: rechargerable Li-Ion battery
8.Talking time: up to 13 hours
9.Standby time: up to 220 hours
10.RF Sensitivity: >=-75dBm 11.Blutooth V2.1 ,CSR Blue Core 6 12.Compatible with most bluetooth moile phones.
Product Features:
* Hearing aid compatible
* Voice activated dialing
* One-touch call answer/end
* Over-the head design with boommic
* Multipoint support:2 connecttions
* Support: Headset, Heads-free, Noise-Canceling, Voice-Dial/Mute
* Multipoint connections: Connection two phones simultaneously
* High-quality Microphone with the echo cancellation and noise cancellation technology
* The concave ear cushion and the leatherette ear cushion can greatly insulate the sounds around you
* High-grade components ensure professional audio quality. Package Included:
1 x Wireless Headband
1 x Charging Base
1 x Charging USB cable
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • Advanced 4 times Noise Cancellation technology, With DSP digital signal processing function, allow you to maintain a very clear and crystal conversation while talking.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Li-polymer, Working Range: 30 feet, up to 13 hours talk time, up to 220 hours standby time.
  • The over-the-head styling is stable, lightweight and comfortable, and the ear cushion is slightly cupped for a better fit and the adjustable headband won’t slip out.
  • Rechargeable via charging base or by USB port, such as laptop, PC, Notebook, Tablet, USB adapter.
  • This is the newest over-the-head Bluetooth headset, which is characterized by multipoint connections technology, echo cancellation and noise cancellation technology, convenient call (hands-free call) and volume control, and an included charging dock.

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BONAZZA Rechargeable Deaf Aids with Background Noise Reduction Control – Personal Voice Amplifier Best for Mild to Moderately Severe Hearing Loss Impaired. Nice Style and Comfortable Earpiece

Need a little boost in loudness? Why pay HUNDREDS of DOLLARS when you can get this…

Now introducing BONAZZA MMSP hearing aid, an assistive listening device that can help you hear more in both quiet and noisy situations.

Usual Complaints About Hearing Amplifiers:

• Trouble understanding people because of excessive background noise.

• Junk deaf aid that works a few days but suddenly stop amplifying sound.

• Uncomfortable earpiece. Would not stay in your ear.

• Useless since the sound quality is too tinny.

• While amplifying low frequency, it reduces clarity. And many more…

TOP Benefits of BONAZZA Hearing Magnifiers:

• You can ADJUST the background noise by using the noise reduction control switch.

• Built-in 160 mA polymer RECHARGEABLE battery, provide up to 40 hours of hearing.

• 3 different sizes ear tips that will comfortably fit every ear canal.

• Leather case for convenient carrying. Top-notch quality at an outstanding affordable price.

• Our personal voice amplifier can be used by people of all ages for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

• Essential for mental and physical health for hard-of-hearing people to stay connected, and participate more fully in daily activities.


• Hearing aids take time and patience to use successfully. Wearing your aids regularly will help you adjust to them.

• Learn to adjust the aid’s volume and to program it for sounds that are too loud or too soft. Work with your audiologist until you are comfortable and satisfied.

• If your inner ear is too damaged, even large vibrations will not be converted into neural signals. In this situation, any hearing aid would be ineffective.

“Add to Cart” button now and get your BONAZZA hearing aid.

Product Features

  • BONAZZA MMSP personal voice amplifier is a robust hearing aid system that is very convenient, simple and easy to use. The user can adjust background noise by switching the noise reduction control.
  • This deaf magnifier can be used by people of all ages for mild to moderately severe hearing loss. 127 db maximum output (db).
  • Ever run out of batteries unexpectedly using other hearing magnifiers? Annoying, isn’t it? Why not simplify things and say goodbye to weekly battery changes with the BONAZZA rechargeable hearing aids.
  • Makes some sounds louder so that a person with hearing loss can listen, communicate, and participate more fully in daily activities.
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX – 1 hearing aid, 1 battery charger, 1 beautiful leather case to conveniently store your assistive listening device, 1 user guide and 3 different sizes of earmolds that suit every ear canal.

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AcoSound Mini Hearing Aids – 610IF CIC Device – Advanced I-COOL2.0 Multi-Core Chip Inside – 6 Frequency Channels – Noise Reduction – Feedback Cancellation – Invisible Completely in Canal Digital Hearing Aids – Useful for Phone and TV – Most Suitable for Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss Group(Left)

You may be shocked by your audiologist recommend you to buy a hearing aid cost thousands pounds, or you are tired of making appointments with hearing center or trying various hearing aids to find the best. Now Acosound hearing aids help you get rid of these inconveniences.
1,Don’t want people notice you wear hearing aids?
– This AcoSound Hearing Aid provide standard usability with maximum concealment.
2,Feeling uncomfortable to wear hearing aids?
– This unit sits gently in the ear canal and comes with 6 sizes of ear tips to ensure a proper fit.
3,Suffering enough from the howling and whistling sounds?
– This unit has the most advanced digital audio technology-Feedback Cancellation system which virtually eliminates annoying howling and whistling sounds.
4,Hard to communicate on street or other noisy environment?
– State-of-the-art layered noise reduction (LNR) makes the conversation easier and more enjoyable. As speaking commences, only the vocal oral sound is enhanced and magnified, while simultaneously reducing the background noise. When no speech is present, our audio technology produces an immediate transition to other surrounding sounds, with no annoying delays and unpredictable loudness-changes.
5,Still troubled by the indistinct sounds?
– Each Acosound hearing aid has a wide Dynamic Range Compression which balances the range of sounds in any listening environment – making soft sounds audible and loud sounds comfortable.
Basic parameters:
– Product Dimensions: 0.7 x 0.2 x 0.1 Inches
– Peak OSPL90 (dB SPL): 125±3dB
– Peak Gain(dB): 50±4dB
– Harmonic Distortion: ≤1%
– EQ Input Noise(dB): ≤27
– Battery Current(Am): 1.2±0.2
Package Contain :
– 1 x Hearing Aids
– 6 x A10 Battery(estimated using time per packet of battery: 1 month maximum)
– 6 x Earplugs
– 1 x Brush
– 1 x Earwax Remover
– 1 x Manual
– 1 x Warranty Card

Product Features

  • Professional & Simplicity – Collectively developed by audiologist, biomedical engineering, and electronics experts.. The fitting parameters are based on thousands of presbycusis fitting cases, and are pre-programmed to accommodate the most aged related hearing loss.
  • Clear & Comfort – Adaptive Noise Reduction blocks out background noise intelligently through an algorithm which monitors signal and noise activities in 128 individual bands, and then eliminate the noise adaptively. Lets you hear what you want to hear easily without annoying noise.
  • Healthy & Effective – 6 WDRC channels and 12 frequency equalizer amplify the sound intelligently based on different loudness and frequency, help you to hear clearly but not too loud.It can protect the residual hearing while compensating it.
  • Economical & Functional – All digital circuitry, feedback cancellation, responsive volume control, low power indicator. With CIC appearance, worn completely in the ear canal, small and almost invisible, it uses the same high-end components found in more expensive aids. The technical performance that previously belonged to the high-end hearing aids, is now encapsulated in our affordably priced product.
  • Enjoy & No worries – The amplifier includes 12 months warranty, and AcoSound provide free 30-day trial period. So do not hesitate to order and enjoy your life!

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Apalus Affordable Digital Hearing Amplifier- Behind the Ear Hearing Amplifier-personal Sound Amplifier with Volume Control and Background Noise Reduce- Right/left ear fit- Highest Quality Available

Compare to audiologist doctor recommend thousands dollar hearing enhance device, this hearing amplifier with affordable price which you don’t need worry your insurance won’t cover expensive treatment for hearing loss!

Who should have this ear hearing amplifier?

For people who have Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss, if you have difficulty in hearing the television, need family shout or repeat loud within 6 feet distance or speak loud next to your ear, can’t hear telephone ringing, dog barking, this is for you.

The Plus points

1.Comfortable behind the ear and stays hidden

2.Super power BTE, with 32 grade wide-range volume switch, Noise Reduction, 2 working mode soft/loud for all quiet & noisy loud occasion

Max saturation sound:129± 5 dB

Max acoustic Gain: ≥50 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion≤5‰

Frequency Range 450Hz~3500Hz

Equivalent input noise ≤30 dB

3. Low power consumption long working hours, max Working Hours with Standard Battery: 70 h

Battery (cell) A675

4. Includes 8 extra earplugs, you can choose the correct size to use and make it comfortable, avoid whistler

Choose the correct volume which you feel comfortable and clearly, but pls note to adjust volume to the minimum before wearing and then increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.

Package include:

1 hearing amplifier

2 soft tube with earphone

8 extra soft earplug

2 cells A675 battery

1 carry case

1 manual

Product Features

  • This personal digital hearing amplifier is the best personal hearing enhance device
  • Open DSP platform +50 dB Gain, maximum reduce back ground noise, feedback cancellation, more clearly and more comfort
  • 32 volume level switch,Soft/Loud working mode make soft sounds louder and loud sounds softer
  • US.Submarine headphone adopted Digital-Input Stereo bridge-tied super quality earphone speaker
  • 8 different sizes of earplugs for most comfortable wearing experience, adjustable to either ear

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SiFree Earphone, Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 CVC6.0 Noise Reduction HFP HSP A2DP AVRCP APTX Support All Smart Phones with Bluetooth (Black)

Style: In-Ear
Use: Computer, Gaming, Home Audio & Hi-Fi,
Portable Audio, Sports, Studio & Musician,
Personal Audio, Mobile / Cellular, Home Audio,
Studio, Sport Activities, Portable Media Player
Earpiece Design: ear-hook
Function: Bluetooth, Waterproof, Noise Cancelling, Microphone
Fit Design: Ear-hook
Communication: Wireless
Features: Adjustable Headband, Foldable,
Microphone, Noise Cancellation, Noise Isolation,
Rechargeable Battery, Noise Isolating
Bluetooth Specification: 4.1
Manufacturer warranty: 6 months
RF range: 10M
Colour: Black, Red
Music Playing Time: 5 hours
Connectivity: Bluetooth Wireless
Sensitivity: 80dB

Product Features

  • Ear-hook Design, perfectly fits most people, enables you to enjoy comfortable experience of wearing and hearing
  • Built-in Mic with voice prompts and voice message, can answer incoming calls. It also can connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, wireless transmission distance up to 10m
  • Intelligent Operation, experience the convenient of sport: play/pause , Volume +/-, and next/previous track buttons, super easy operation
  • Extended Battery Life, large capacity and energy efficient system, allows 4-6 hours of music playtime or 4-6 hours of talk time
  • Durable and Stylish, ideal wireless earbuds for the Gym, Hiking, Cycling, Jogging, Climbing without annoying cables; Compatible with most Bluetooth enabled End device such as iPhone 6S/6/5/5S/4S, iPad, Galaxy S6/S5/Note3/2, LG G4 G3 and other Smartphones

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Voice Amplifier Low Noise VA-3000 Hearing Aid Function Volume Control Step 4 Tone Mono & Stereo Earphone Compact Sound Amplifier Ear Piece Headset No Bleep Sound Hearing Enhancement Aid

– Composition: Voice Amplifier ,charger cable, earing, ear rubber(small), stereo earphone, clip, charger

– Type: Stereo
– Earphone connector : Yes
– Middle : 400 ~ 5300 Hz

– Bass emphasis : 200-3000 Hz
– Medium : 200 ~ 5300 Hz
– Treble emphasis : 450-7000 Hz
– The Maximum use time : 24 hrs or more

– Charging time : 2 hours
– Size : 15 x 54 x 12 mm
– Weight : 7.4g
– Battery : lithium ion polymer, rechargeable 3.7 V/70mA

Up to 16 X Sound Amplification – 10 Volume Levels
Voice Band Control: 4 Frequency Amplifying Settings
1. Middle Sound Emphasis
2. Low Sound Emphasis
3. Normal
4. High Sound Emphasis

Built-in Rechargeable Battery Lasts For 24 Hours of Continuous Use on One Charge.
Circuit Board is Designed to Prevent Howling/Hiss and Block Loud Noises

Product Features

  • Up to 16X Sound Amplification – 10 Volume Levels, Stereo L/R RCA
  • Voice Band Control: 4 Frequency Amplifying Settings
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery Lasts For 24 Hours of Continuous Use on One Charge.
  • Circuit Board is Designed to Prevent Howling/Hiss and Block Loud Noises
  • One-Year Warranty by Esonic Korea.

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