The Little Book of Hearing Aids 2018: The only hearing aid book you will ever need

Don’t Buy A Hearing Aid Until You Have Read This Book

A hearing aid advice guide with no techno jargon nonsense.

Buying hearing aids can be quite a daunting affair, not least because understanding the choices and technology available can be difficult. I have set out to make the incomprehensible gibberish understandable, explaining the types of hearing aids, their pros and cons, their technology and features in clear, easy to understand language.

I discuss the introduction of the new Lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids and why they will be exceptionally popular. I talk about invisible hearing aids and what you need to understand before choosing one.

I have expanded upon the second edition taking into account some of the feedback I have received. In this edition I have spoken about rechargeable hearing aids and why you should consider them. I have also updated the hearing aid brand pages to reflect the new additions that have been made to their ranges over 2017.

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