Haivo Panda P1 Seniors Large Keyboard Mobile Phone SOS telephone FM Radio and Flashlight Multifunction-Long standby 168 hours

Brand: KPPTO
model:Haivo Panda P1
2G Network:GSM850/900/1800/1900(not including Three network as 3G is not supported)
Pixels:0.08MP (software upgrade to 0.3MP)+ Flashlight / 0.3MP optional
color:Black+ whiter
Resolution:QQVGA 128*160
FM:Yes, wireless FM
Torch:Yes [through Flashlight LED]
USB jack:Yes [5pin micro USB]
Keyboard: P + R Co-injection and Printing
Standard:Color Giftbox
User Manual:Normal printing
Type:Bl-4C Lithium-ion Battery
Type:USB/half wave with cable line (full wave optional)
Input voltage:100v-240VAC 50-60Hz
Output current:500mA
Memory:RAM 32MB+ ROM 32MB;
Extend Memory: Micro SD(TF) Card, Max. 8GB
SMS, flashlight, radio, speed dial, this advanced mobile phone also has SMS, SMS phone book, built-in torch, FM radio, alarm clock and calendar. In addition, there is a Micro SD card slot for storing audio.

1 * mobile phone
1 * 600mAh lithium ion
1 * charger
1 * plug converter
1 * instruction manual.

Product Features

  • 1.77 inch cross screen, large button Easy to use elderly,Easy to read display,Photography function with FM radio and flashlight.
  • SOS Extra Loud Ringtones and Vibrating Alerts, Big Visual Ringing Alarm.
  • 600mAh lithium ion standard; (up to 800mAh) long standby 168 hours.
  • Size 117.5mm (length) x55.5mm (width) x 14.8mm (height).
  • Packaging: 1 * mobile phone, 1 * 600mAh lithium ion, 1 * charger, 1 * plug converter, 1 * instruction manual.

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Bluetooth Wireless Headphone, UZOU Bluetooth 4.1 Sweatproof Sport Headphone with Mic for Running Cycling Gym Compatible with iphone ios and android mobile phones

About Bone Conduction:
Bone conduction principle is based on the vibration of the skull pick up sound.
Bone conduction hearing AIDS, bone conduction headphone is based on the principle of development.
Due to the sensitivity of the ear is higher, usually people don’t use your own skull to perceive sound, however, when hearing organ lesions for acoustic transfer blocked, the bone conduction may be used to compensate for the hearing.

Bluetooth: 3.0+EDR (ZD100)
Standby: over 10 days
Weight: 43g/1.5 ounces
Effective Distance: 10m(33 feet)
Type of Speaker: bone conduction speaker
Charge Time: less than 3 hours
Play Time: over 6 hours (time will decrease because of the volume increases)

Then they will be connected automatically once they are in the effctive distance.
These function may varies from different smart phone, for they have different iOS and software.
When the device turned off, the headphone will be off, when turn it on again, please just press the play button twice.
But if your headphone break off the device for a long time(over 3min), please click the Play button twice to connect the device again.
Due to the characteristics of bone conduction, if the heavy bass, the amplitude will be bigger, and you feel not comfort.
This headphone has heavy bass settings, if you feel not comfort, please decrease the volume.

Package Include:
1 x Bone Conduction Headphone
2 x Earplug
1 x Buggy Bag
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

1. Quality first is our tenet.30 Days Refund Guarantee.12 Months Hassle-free Guarantee.
2. We are happy to show all our customers the best shopping experience as soon as possible. If you have any troubles about your order, please do not hesitate to contact us for help.

Product Features

  • ***Innovative Bone Conduction Technology*** Transmit sound through the skull directly to the auditory center, which eliminates many steps of acoustic transmission. It can achieve clear sound reduction in a noisy environment, so as to release the ears and revert  to the delicate tone function. Suitable for people who jog, run, cycle, etc
  • ***Built-in Headphone, Free Your Hands*** Wireless bone conduction headphone ensures handsfree calling and answering and music listening in driving,riding.
  • ***U-shaped design*** Adjustable silicone tension band for tight and comfortable wearing. No worries of the headset falling.
  • ***Universally Compatible*** Suitable most Bluetooth-enabled devices. Such as iPhone6s plus 5S 5 4S and Android smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Phones and so on.
  • ***Less Interference, More Safety*** Bone conduction speaker makes the sound directly transmitted to bone chain through internal conduction of bone, helps you enjoy the purest sound and keep sensitivity to surrounding sound in a noisy environment.

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Bone Conduction Headphones Sports Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headset Earphone Stereo Music Mic Hearing Aids Ear Release For Mobile Phone Color:Black


Interface:micro USB
Bluetooth Version: V4.0
Bluetooth Chip:ISSC1681S
Sensitivity: 100 +/- 3dB
Speaker: Bone Conduction Speaker
Speaker Sensitivity: -41dB +/- 3dB
Sound Track:Dual-Track Stereo
Respond Frequency: 100Hz ~ 20KHz
Play Time:up to 6 hours
Charge Time: 2 hours
Standby Time: up to 10 days
Transmission Distance: up to 10 meters (without obstacles)

Safe And Healthy
ears are never blocked providing maximum situational through music play and alls No eardrum damage healthy and eco-friendly It is suitable for child young people who uses the headphone frequently to avoid ear damage.
No need put into ear, easy to clean, to improve the air flows in the ear, enhanced discharge and evaporation, to improve the reliability of the precipitating bacterial clearance

Comfortable And Convenient
bone conduction technology deliver stereo sound without nesting anything aside or covering the ears U-shaped design comfortable to wear with open ear earhook design adjustable headband for tight and comfortable wearing.
It can achieve clear sound reduction in a noisy environment so as to release the ears and revert to the delicate tone function Suitable for people who jog, run, cycle durably built to make mobile communication and audio entertainment seamless on the go through every part of your day.

packager included
1 x Bond Conduction Wireless Headphone
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

If the connecting distance is beyond the bt headphone effective range(10m or 33feets), the headphone will disconnect with the device.
Once in effective range again, they will connect again automatically. But if the disconnecting continues for long time(over 3mins), you maybe need manual matching.

Product Features

  • BONE CONDUCTION TECHNOLOGY: high quality headsets and transmits audio waves through the bones in your skull from where it enters the middle ear and bypassing the ear canal
  • HEALTH AND SAFE DESIGN: as safe for whole family for driving and use it protects your ear drums from any damaging noise. Additionally it doesn’t flood your ears with noise you can still hear
  • CONVENIENCE :built-in headphone Super easy and fast paring with your smart phone or other Bluetooth device for high-fidelity stereo music, movies and chatting
  • COMFORTABLE: as to release the ear licate tone function and U-shape design, easier to fit your head It will bring you a brand new using experience
  • HD STEREO SOUND: it can achieve clear sound reduction in a noisy environment and ensures high-fidelity stereo sound quality and stable performance

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