MNII Invisible Hearing Amplifier Completely- In-Canal, Highly Advanced Sound Amplifier Seniors,Left And Right Ear

Simple to use, Hard to see, and easy to Afford
Enjoy & No worries
Our Hearing Amplifier is made so small, invisible and easy to wear, with full digital circuitry and adjustable volume control, it’s sits so deep in the canal that begins where other Hearing Amplifier end. It is super mini size and light weight that makes it virtually undetectable to anyone else, Medical ready guarantee money back if it does not fit your hearing needs.
Clear & Comfort
Despite its miniature size our Hearing Amplifier is designed to identify and reduce sounds in the background while amplifying you hearing making much clear the conversations around you, helping hear the birds again, TV shows and more, plus help you to restore a major quality life and build a better relationship with family and friends.
Professional & Simplicity
Our hearing amplifier is offered with exquisite packaging and complete accessories, we provide 3 size earplugs to ensure the perfect fit designed specifically for you, the best storage and traveling case protection, cleaning brush tool, that you can use it to clean and clear if the unit is dirty.
Buy your hearing amplifier now and we will help you maximize your hearing experience every step of the way!
If you have any questions please contact me!

Product Features

  • We want you to return to the sound of enjoying everyday life. Your satisfaction is our greatest profit.
  • Provide a micro-screwdriver: The clockwise volume increases and the counterclockwise volume decreases.
  • There are three different sizes of earbuds in the box, please choose the right one.
  • If there is noise, please turn down the volume to make sure that the earplugs are in close contact with the ear canal to ensure that the sound is not leaked.
  • The left ear is blue and the right ear is red. There is no difference in wearing. We recommend that you try the 45-day device because it takes 2-6 weeks to adjust the sounds that have not been heard for many years.

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