D&F Mini In-Ear AHearing Aid Amplifier Ear Behind The Ear Adjustable Sound?ZD-906B Assistance For Elderly Deaf Ear Hearing Loss?Battery

Amazingly clear and precise, medically approved, in the ear HEARING AID, Digital volume and frequency program suitable as required by different needs, conversation easier.And enriches the sounds around the head to make the world becomes an easier place!

Size: 54 * 16 * 10mm

Weight: 9g

Always use: over 10 hours

Stayby Time: Over 5 days

Max sound output: 130 ± 4dB

Total Harmonic Distortion: ?10%

Frequency range: 450-3500Hz

Input noise: ?32dB

Voltage: d.c1.5V

Current: ?8mA

? attention:

(1) Please read this manual carefully before using this hearing aid.

(2) In case of hearing the Whistlers, please select the earplug of appropriate size and pin it. No air leakage is allowed.

(3) Note: After wearing hearing aids for a period, use brush to clean up the oil residue, cerumen.

Product Features

  • Professional BTE sound amplifier: firmly cling to your ear, give the clear sound and meanwhile avoid falling out.
  • Simple: Adequate size of the outer box can easily fit in your pocket or purse. Combinations with 3 customizable button batteries, easy to install and operate.
  • Adjustable Volume – This hearing aid fits the left and right ears. Never miss another word in lectures, films, shows or churches.
  • Sound Distortion Small: selectively selects the language and isolates it from background noise, and sounds with energy-efficient, twelve-band digital sound processing that helps you understand
  • Package includes: 1 x earphone, 3 x different sized earplugs, 3 x battery button, 1 x carrying case, 1 x cleaner, 1 x instructions

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