LEAGY Wireless Remote Nurse Alert System – Patient Call Button and Caregiver Pager – 500+ Ft Range (Red)

✔ The transmitter can be worn around the neck or carried in a pocket.Simply pressing a button on the transmitter will cause the receiver to beep.

✔ Ideal for the elderly, handicapped, or sick to page their caregiver. Also good for massage therapists, The perfect answer to knowing for sure when the client is ready without waiting too long to enter the room or not giving them enough time before knocking.

✔ You will no longer have to yell to get someone’s attention at home or at the office.

✔ The Wireless Personal Pager allows you to page someone up to 500 feet away with the touch of a button in open area. (Indoor effective range is less than 500 feet)

Receiver has three signal options, including light signals for users with limited hearing.

A.alarm only
B.light only.
C.light and alarm.

1. Melody sounds for selection.
2. Low battery indication.
3. Emergency akarm for the elderly
4. The disabled / patients care alert
5. Pregnant women / confinement care alert
6. Wake up alarm
7. Children care alert.
8. 16 digital codes are built in to ensure that another unit being operated close-by will not cause interference or false alarms.
9. The wireless, easy mounting design does not damage wall and allows portable use of the receiver, as well as the transmitter.

Package Included:
– 1 x LEAGY Remote Receiver (Without battery)
– 1 x LEAGY Call Button (Including 1 X CR2032 batteries)
– 5 x Smiley Hook
– 1 x Screwdriver
– User Manual

Product Features

  • Our call button alert system for patient and caregiver is simple to use and provides piece of mind – Ideal for use as an alert aid for elderly or disabled to quickly and easily call for help – Simply press the call button to alert the caregiver via the wireless receiver
  • System range of up to 500+ ft in open area – 32 melody/alarm sounds to choose from, adjustable volume control, and multiple receiving options to eliminate interference from other devices
  • Call button can be worn as a pendant, carried on pocket, or placed at bedside – Call button is water resistant – Receiver can be wall mounted, placed near caregiver, or carried in pocket
  • All LEAGY Call Button Alert systems are FCC compliant, unlike nearly all similar call button systems available
  • NOTE: Use a small cross screwdriver to open the back of the transmitter to remove the battery insulation sheet before use.

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