Smartings(TM) Axon K-88 Rechargeable Hearing Aids In-ear Mini Invisible Sound Amplifier Ear Aid Adjustable Tone

The hearing aid come with rechargeable function, no need to change battery
The hearing aid combines a cosmetically appealing look with the smooth sound an internal speaker
This hearing aid channel digital sound processing allows the user to control volume and programs
Filter out unwanted noise caused by airflow or wind Deliver direct, powerful, and smooth sound right into your ear
Moisture resistant provides durability to most forms of moisture and wear
Separate wire and headphone, more convenient and safety
The In the Ear Hearing Aids also provide improved technology for reduced electromagnetic interference
Hearing Aid Devices are suitable for severe hearing loss people
Smaller than a credit card, Affordable Hearing Aids are discreet enough to fit easily in your pocket or handbag
Maximum Saturation Sound Pressure: 129dB ¡À 4dB
Maximum File Acoustic Gain: 48dB ¡À 5dB
Harmonic Distortion: ¡Ü18%(450¡ÜF¡Ü5000)
Frequency Response: 450-3000Hz
Equivalent Input Noise: ¡Ü 30dB
Battery Type: Li-ion Battery
Operating Voltage: 0.2¡À0.1V
Operating Current: ¡Ü 4mA
Color: Beige
Size: 1.8 x 1.4 x 1.6cm / 0.7 x 0.5 x 0.6in(H x L x T)
Package Content :
1 x Hearing Aid
1 x Carrying case
1 x Charger (110-240v.)
4 x Earplugs
1 x User Instructional Brochure

Product Features

  • The hearing aid come with rechargeable function, no need to change battery
  • The hearing aid combines a cosmetically appealing look with the smooth sound an internal speaker
  • This hearing aid channel digital sound processing allows the user to control volume and programs
  • Filter out unwanted noise caused by airflow or wind Deliver direct, powerful, and smooth sound right into your ear
  • Moisture resistant provides durability to most forms of moisture and wear

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AcoSound Mini Hearing Aids – 610IF CIC Device – Advanced I-COOL2.0 Multi-Core Chip Inside – 6 Frequency Channels – Noise Reduction – Feedback Cancellation – Invisible Completely in Canal Digital Hearing Aids – Useful for Phone and TV – Most Suitable for Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss Group(Left)

You may be shocked by your audiologist recommend you to buy a hearing aid cost thousands pounds, or you are tired of making appointments with hearing center or trying various hearing aids to find the best. Now Acosound hearing aids help you get rid of these inconveniences.
1,Don’t want people notice you wear hearing aids?
– This AcoSound Hearing Aid provide standard usability with maximum concealment.
2,Feeling uncomfortable to wear hearing aids?
– This unit sits gently in the ear canal and comes with 6 sizes of ear tips to ensure a proper fit.
3,Suffering enough from the howling and whistling sounds?
– This unit has the most advanced digital audio technology-Feedback Cancellation system which virtually eliminates annoying howling and whistling sounds.
4,Hard to communicate on street or other noisy environment?
– State-of-the-art layered noise reduction (LNR) makes the conversation easier and more enjoyable. As speaking commences, only the vocal oral sound is enhanced and magnified, while simultaneously reducing the background noise. When no speech is present, our audio technology produces an immediate transition to other surrounding sounds, with no annoying delays and unpredictable loudness-changes.
5,Still troubled by the indistinct sounds?
– Each Acosound hearing aid has a wide Dynamic Range Compression which balances the range of sounds in any listening environment – making soft sounds audible and loud sounds comfortable.
Basic parameters:
– Product Dimensions: 0.7 x 0.2 x 0.1 Inches
– Peak OSPL90 (dB SPL): 125±3dB
– Peak Gain(dB): 50±4dB
– Harmonic Distortion: ≤1%
– EQ Input Noise(dB): ≤27
– Battery Current(Am): 1.2±0.2
Package Contain :
– 1 x Hearing Aids
– 6 x A10 Battery(estimated using time per packet of battery: 1 month maximum)
– 6 x Earplugs
– 1 x Brush
– 1 x Earwax Remover
– 1 x Manual
– 1 x Warranty Card

Product Features

  • Professional & Simplicity – Collectively developed by audiologist, biomedical engineering, and electronics experts.. The fitting parameters are based on thousands of presbycusis fitting cases, and are pre-programmed to accommodate the most aged related hearing loss.
  • Clear & Comfort – Adaptive Noise Reduction blocks out background noise intelligently through an algorithm which monitors signal and noise activities in 128 individual bands, and then eliminate the noise adaptively. Lets you hear what you want to hear easily without annoying noise.
  • Healthy & Effective – 6 WDRC channels and 12 frequency equalizer amplify the sound intelligently based on different loudness and frequency, help you to hear clearly but not too loud.It can protect the residual hearing while compensating it.
  • Economical & Functional – All digital circuitry, feedback cancellation, responsive volume control, low power indicator. With CIC appearance, worn completely in the ear canal, small and almost invisible, it uses the same high-end components found in more expensive aids. The technical performance that previously belonged to the high-end hearing aids, is now encapsulated in our affordably priced product.
  • Enjoy & No worries – The amplifier includes 12 months warranty, and AcoSound provide free 30-day trial period. So do not hesitate to order and enjoy your life!

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Mammoth XT Small Model Hearing Aid – Comfortable / Almost Invisible

Mammoth XT Hearing Aid:

People with impaired hearing should be thankful to technology for the major improvements that have been made in “hearing aids”. It was not too long ago that people with impaired hearing had to live their lives without a hearing aid. It was the transistor technology that heralded the early electronic hearing aids.

The well designed Mammoth XT F139 Hearing Aid is a small model. The simple design makes it comfortable for wearing and is almost invisible. This Mammoth XT Hearing Aid can work continuously for almost 10 days with just a small AG13 button battery alone.

Product Features:

It can be used for sound amplifier

When you watch television, attend meetings or have classes – this product can help you to hear sounds clearly and loudly


Battery – x 2 AG13 Button Cell
Ear Plugs x 2


– Open the cartridge cover, put the battery in the correct direction. Zinc Air Batteries are the best choice and have a longer life
– Before using switch the volume to the minimum position
– Put the ear hook on your ear, plug in the ear plug tightly

– Max sound out put:130+/- 5dB
– Sound gain:>= 50dB
– Total harmonic wave distortion:<= 5%
– Frequency range:300-4000MHz
– Input Noise:<=30dB
– Voltage:d.c.1.5V
– Current:<=4mA

Product Features

  • Small Mammoth XT F139 Hearing Aid
  • Increases hearing power instantly!
  • Ideal for partially deaf & hard of hearing
  • Comfortable fit & almost invisible!
  • Suitable for all ages

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CDC® Mini In-ear Digital Best Invisible Sound Enhancement Deaf Volume Amplifier Adjustable Tone Hearing Aids Aid Ear Assistance for Elderly Deaf Ear Hearing Loss Hearing + Batteries


1、Users should know the functions and effects of hearing aids correctly, and inquire correct psychological preparation. Apart from those, if users possess necessary psychological adaptation process, they will be accustomed to using hearing aids.
2、Please carefully read the complete instruction for use before using.
3、Too large volume will impair the hearing on the contrary. It’s suggested to perform the self-training at quiet environment in first wearing. You may readjust the volume after using for one month.
4、The products are suitable for hearing loss patient whose aurioles and acoustic meatus work for the compensation of hearing loss. Not suitable for people with severe hearing loss. If there are ear infections, pus, does not recommend to use the hearing aid, it will be worse. If because of trauma or innate deafness, or deafness caused by illness, only digital hearing aids is suitable, analog machines generally do not apply.
5、For users wearing the hearing at the first time, in case of earnuts or speaking too loud themselves,etc. (the tightness of earplug and volume shall be adjusted), generally, they will get used to it gradually in three months.
6、In case of hearing the whistler, please select the earplug with appropriate size and plug it tightly. No air leakage is allowed.
7、Do not use this product in the explosive environment. Do not place it with the chemicals.
8、It shall be avoided to let the liquid to follow into this product. Do not use it at high-temperature, high-humidity and shaking environment.
9、If it’s found the volume is small after being used for a period, indicating low battery, the battery should be replaced in a timely manner.

Package included:

1 x New Adjustable Mini Digital Hearing Aid in Ear Sound Voice Amplifier
2 x Earplug of different size
2 x A312 batteries
1 x Cleaning brush

Product Features

  • Volume Adjustable. Super mini size and light weight, easy and comfortable to wear. Best sound amplifier behind the ear.
  • Silicone earplugs in 2 different sizes, fit most ears. With 2 cell batteries, and 1 cleaning brush. Help people with hearing impairment to hear sound and voice.
  • Max SSPL: 129dB; Full-on-gain (FOG): 30dB; The Scope of frequency (Hz): 100-3000 Hz; Equivalent input noise lexel: ≤25dB
  • Harmonic Distortion: ≤5.5%; Power Voltage: 1.4 V; The sum settles electric Current mAP: 1.6mAH; Battery Type: A312 PR41 (included); Original box: Yes; Product weight: 3g; Package weight: 68g; Color: Beige
  • Convenient for watching movie, enjoying the drama, attending meeting, or having class, it could help you hear the sound clearly and loudly

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