HSDMF Rechargeable Hearing Aid E-33 Digital Number 2 Channel Volume Control Personal Sound Amplifier Left /Right Ear , Right ear

Feedback Suppression Function?Low-power Indicator?Noise Reduction Manager

    Peak Gain 4dB
    HFA Full-on Gain 34dB
    Frequency Range 200Hz-6000Hz
    Eq. Input Noise Level 25dB
    Battery Current Drain 1.35 mAe-converted-space
    Low Battery Consumption
    Intelligent Program Recoding Sytem
    Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
    Low Battery Indicator
    Maximum Power Output(MPO)Control
    Fitting Range:<80dB

Product Features

  • RIC hearing aids using the chips with digital circuit and high speed DSP processing chips, intelligent adaptive noise reduction system high-effective adaptive feedback suppression function.
  • The product design show the new trend of BTE hearing aid, it meet the Ergonomics theory with comfortable wearing and Powerful functions.
  • 2Channels and 4 Bands Intelligent Noise Reduction System(6dB)?Intelligent Spectrum Detection Processing System
  • Low Battery Consumption (can last use 18-20 hours)?Maximum Power Output(MPO)Control
  • Package List:1 * Hearing Aid?7 * Earplug?1 * Brush for Cleaning?1 * Operation Manual

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