FIIL Hearing Amplifier in Ear Sound Amplifier for Old, In-The-Canal(ITC) for Hearing Enhancement Mini Noise Reduction (Left)

Why FIIL hearing amplifier is an ultimate choice?
FIIL hearing amplifier will bring you crystal clear acoustical feeling with our experienced audiologists designed advanced hearing solutions.
long battery life, durable design and highly advanced mini micro processor technology makes this device a superior hearing amplifier than others on the market.

– 12 Band Digital Sound Processing
– Adaptive, Layered Noise Reduction
– Acoustic Feedback Cancellation
– Vented Ear Domes Eliminate the “Sensation of Ear Plugs”
– Digital Volume Levels
– Designed for efficiency to ensure Long Battery Life

*This device is not recommended for individuals with profound or severe hearing loss
*This device is not intended for use by those who suffer from tinnitus

What’s in the package:
– 1 FIIL hearing Amplifier
– 3 Sizes of Dome – closed Ear Tips: Small, Medium, and Large
– 1 User instruction manual
– 2 batteries (size A10)
– 1 Travel Carrying Case
– 1 Cleaning Brush with magnet for removing batteries and cleaning thin tubes
– 1 Warranty
– 1 Greeting Card

◆It is not waterproof, Don’t put it into the water
◆Please take out the battery if don’t use it for a long time. Otherwise the components will be rotted by time. rotten liquid from battery.
◆Don’t use it at high volume for long time. Otherwise it will injure your ear. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using.
◆Please clean the products all the time, avoid ear plug and sound collecting hole being blocked by foreign objects. It will affect the effect of sound amplifier.
◆Avoid shocking, falling the product. Don’t keep or use it in environment of humid of high temperature.

Product Features

  • THIN AND COMFORTABLE FEATURE – FIIL, as one of the professional hearing amplifier manufacturer with highly advanced mini micro processor technology. Our hearing amplifiers almost invisible in ear. Easy to hide and comfortable to wear.
  • NOISE REDUCTION – 12 band digital sound processing and noise reduction precisely boost the frequencies associated with the human voice, amplify speech while actively reducing background noise. It will bring you crystal clear acoustical feeling.
  • SMALL WHILE COMPACT – This device is durably made with superior materials and outstanding reliability. long battery life, durable design and highly advanced mini micro processor technology makes this device a superior hearing amplifier than others on the market.
  • GIFT DESIGN – FIIL hearing amplifiers are offered with exquisite packaging and complete accessories. This In-The-Canal(ITC) is not bad choice for your friends and families.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE – Fill strives to provide excellent services for our customers. 30-day hassle free returns. 12 month warranty guarantee.Please be assured and purchase it now.

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Digital Hearing Amplifier – Behind the Ear Sound Amplifier Set, BTE Hearing Ear Amplification Device and Digital Sound Enhancer PSAD for Hard of Hearing, Noise Reducing Feature, Pink by MEDca

Imagine being able to hear everything that you need to without having to drop a ton of money on expensive, temperamental programable hearing aids. The MEDca P44 Behind the Ear Sound Amplifier will meet all of your needs! So now you’ll be able to hear without damaging your ears. Because these BTE Amplifiers feature noise reduction AND feedback cancellation, your hearing will be at it’s best without compromising your safety.

Other BTE Amplifiers are, more often than not, an expensive disappointment. They change the volume without fixing the clarity. They screech a lot of feedback into your ears, and they are hardly ever comfortable or lightweight. Our Super Afforable MEDca BTE Amplifiers solve all of these problems!

These BTE Hearing amplifiers feature cutting edge design that is unique and comfortable. They are the perfect size for any ear and are so lightweight that you’ll forget they’re even there. Not only that, but they feature noise reduction, feedback cancellation, digital volume control and 6 different volume levels, giving you the ultimate control over what you hear and what you don’t hear.

These sound enhancers have everything you want in an amplified hearing device! It’s easy to see why customers love it, with specs like:

  • 6 levels of volume
  • full body circuitry
  • noise reduction
  • & digital volume controller which means that you’ll have total user control
  • It features precise sound amplification, quick and accurate settings, light and comfortable design, and is designed by an expert audiologist. It also includes an easy to follow user friendly instruction manual.

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    Product Features

    • HEAR SAFELY! ALLOWS YOU OPTIMAL SOUND QUALITY WITHOUT DAMAGING YOUR EAR DRUMS: Picture being able to hear anything you need or want to, without damaging your ears. If you’ve been looking for a device that allows you optimal sound quality without damaging your ear drums, then your search is over! That’s because our behind the ear sound amplifier features noise reduction and feedback cancellation that allows you to set quickly and accurately, which means you’ll hear everything you need to safely,
    • HEAR COMFORTABLY! CUTTING-EDGE DESIGN: Unlike other digital ear amplification devices which are uncomfortable and cause discomfort, our BTE Amplifiers feature a cutting-edge design that makes them light and comfortable, which means you’ll be able to hear everything comfortably. That’s why our BTE Hearing Amplifiers are the #1 choice of Amazon Buyers!
    • HEAR COMPLETELY! USER FRIENDLY WITH NO SETUP REQUIRED: This digital ear amplification device has 6 levels of volume, full body circuitry, noise reduction, and a digital volume controller which means that you’ll have total user control. It features precise sound amplification, quick and accurate settings, light and comfortable design, and is designed by an expert audiologist. It also includes a user friendly instruction manual so you can take the guessing game out of setup!
    • HEAR CLEARLY! WITH COMPLETE CONTROL OVER WHAT YOU HEAR: The problem with other digital ear amplification devices is that they just raise volume but they don’t help with the clarity or the quality of the sound. Our sound enhancer solves that problem! Why? That’s because our BTE digital hearing amplifier set is equipped with 6 different levels of volume and digital volume control, which means you have complete control over what you hear and how well you hear it. Never suffer lack of clarity again!
    • CRITICAL! EVERYTHING YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A HEARING AMPLIFIER Plus OUR INDUSTRY LEADING 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Customer service is our top priority. Every digital hearing amplifier is backed by our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you’re not satisfied for any reason with our non-programable hearing amplifiers set, we’ll refund your money. No questions asked!

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    DDNN Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset Sports Hearing Aid Bluetooth Headset Black White Red,White

    ★Renewal Charging mode: power adapter output(DC5V 150mA
    ★Battery index: Lithium polymer lithium battery
    ★Duration of the call :about 10 hours
    ★Duration of continuous play: about 6 hours
    ★Waiting for a long time: about 280 hours
    ★Bluetooth bluetooth version: V4.0
    ★Agreement: Headset/handsfree/A2DP/AVRCP/APT-X
    ★Available distance: 10mm

    The bluetooth headset can accept phones, laptops and others
    Audio of bluetooth device
    After pairing with PC Bluetooth.You can use computer chat to realize wireless QQ, SKYPE, MSN.

    Product Features

    • ★LIGHTNESS OF WEAR–Only 30g:Shake off the shackles of wired, according to ergonomics. Design earplugs, enjoy wireless, start from comfort, at any time. Listen to the radio music at any time.
    • ★INTELLIGENT DRAG TWO:Using bluetooth 4 chip, to provide you with fixed voice stability of wireless communication quality. It can also connect two devices at the same time and is widely compatible to open unlimited possibilities.
    • ★SAFETYAND HEALTH:Every day the listening practice of foreign language is no longer hurt. The child’s eardrum Feeling from the jaw. The notes make learning a pleasure.
    • ★INTELLIGENT NOISE REDUCTION MODE:Talk freely and communicate freely. Omnidirectional microphone in headphones. No matter whether or not the windows are opened the quality of the call is clear.
    • ★SELECTIVE COLOR:Three fashion color matching, high quality material collocation. Wireless design, based on the combination and aesthetics. A complete build of this yKL701 bone conduction.

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    Ocama Bone Conduction Headphones Hearing Aid Headset£¬Sound Amplifier Care Health Headphones for People with Hearing Impairment Black

    Product Features:
    Ergonomics design, balance wear, tight on the ear.
    Noise Reduction echo and cancellation technology ensure clear sound quality.
    The bone conduction headphones is powered by the included micro USB port.

    Product Specifications:
    Model Number: YKL-801
    Frequency Range: 20Hz to 20KHz
    Microphone Sensitivity: -54dB¡À2dB
    Built-in 350mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
    Operating Time: 10¡À0.3 hours
    Standby time: Over 60 days
    Input: DC 5.0¡À0.5V, Max 500mA
    Color: Black
    Main Item Size: 14.6 * 13.2 * 2.7cm / 5.74 * 5.19 * 1.06in
    Main Item Weight: 59g / 2.07oz

    Note 1: The pick-up box is not water proof design. So do not use wet cloth to clean this part.
    Note 2: If the squeak is happening, please switch off the headphones first, then adjust the both volume to minimum, switch on the headphone again, and adjust the volume higher to appropriate again

    Package List:
    1 * Bone Conduction Hearing Aid Headphone
    1 * 3.5mm Audio Cable
    1 * USB Charging Cable
    1 * English / Chinese User Manual

    Please contact us first when you have any problem,we will give you the best service and solve the problem ASAP.Thank you so much

    Product Features

    • BONE CONDUCTION HEARING AIDS: Uses a sound pickup unit to receive sound through the intelligent integrated module to drive vibrator vibration, the sound can be directly transmit though the skull to the inner ear.
    • COMFORTABLE AND HEALTHIER: Adjustable headband for tight and comfortable wearing, no worries of the headset falling. The sound transmits through the bone to auditory nerve, more comfortable and healthier than traditional hearing aids, suitable for people who has trouble in listening
    • AUX IN FUNCTION: With an additional 3.5mm audio cable that connects the bone conduction hearing aids to the mobile phones, PADs or laptops, this hearing aids allows for easy access to calls and multimedia entertainment
    • KEEP EAR DISEASE AWAY: No need to put into ears. It releases your ears to allow the air to circulate, easy to clean, to avoid ear disease caused by sweat.
    • EAR-FREE KEEPING DANGER AWAY: Release your ears to listen the world, you can response to the surrounding situation quickly, far away from dangerous, suitable for many indoor and outdoor activities.

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    LJXAN Digital Audio Amplifiers Rechargeable Hearing Aids Personal Sound Amplifier USB Docking Pairing Hearing Instruments Mini Headphones Hearing Aid Mini Stethoscope

    Maximum sound output: 130dB±5dB

    Maximum sound gain: 48dB ± 5dB

    Harmonic distortion: ≤ 4%

    Frequency range: 450 ~ 3500 Hz

    Input noise: ≤30dB

    Battery: AG5 button battery (included)

    Operating voltage: DC 1.5V

    Working current: ≤3.5mA

    Color: as shown

    Project size: 4.6 x 3.8 x 0.9 cm

    Package size: 8.7 x 9.6 x 3.5cm

    Net weight: 8g

    Due to manual measurement, allow 1-3mm error. Please make sure you don’t mind before bidding.

    Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you!

    Product Features

    • * The tweeter of 2 frequency modes and the adjustable volume of scrolling can be listened with high quality cognitive loudspeakers and various settings.
    • * Portable and durable battery: Built-in USB battery lasting up to 40 hours. The amplifier is comfortable on any ear. It has a full digital sound quality, which reduces the distortion of sound and clear speech.
    • * Digital Audio Amplifier: A digital amplifier is the best solution for hearing conditions. For ease of use, the device has a full digital circuit and a digital volume control.
    • * Excellent design – Amplifiers developed by audiologists are easy to wear, comfortable to wear and comfortable to wear. Taking into account individual requirements for the hearing and limitations, he was an innovator.
    • * Style: This personal sound amplifier has a built-in digital chip and frequency control to easily adapt to different sound environments. Magnifier offers beautiful packaging and complete accessories.

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    Flying Light Wireless Stealth Digital Hearing Amplifier Hearing Aid Deafness Earphone Voice Amplifier(No Battery) (Blue for Left Ear)

    Product Features

    • Product Weight: 65g
    • Product Color: As the Picture Shows
    • Feature: Wireless, Automatic Calibration
    • Package Content: 1pcs Hearing Amplifier(No Battery)
    • Specifications: Power Voltage 1.4V, +5%-10% relative error, Frequency response range 300-3500

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