1 Pair New Easyuslife Digital Hearing Amplifiers EZ-220 – BTE Hearing amplifiers with Noise Reduction Technology – Includes 2 Carrying Cases, Ear Buds, Batteries, Cleaning Brush, Manual Guide

★ Enjoy great sound quality with the most cutting edge and advanced digital amplifier technology available on the market ★

Superior Sound

The Easyuslife® hearing amplifier is the ultimate sound amplification that offers the full benefits of a $1000 hearing amplifier at a small fraction of the cost. These hearing amplifiers provide superior sound quality that will impress you from the sounds you had been missing.

Ergonomic Design

We built these amplifiers to fit comfortably on your left and right ears. The lightweight and compact design makes it comfortable to wear all day long. You won’t even feel you’re wearing it. Our hearing amplifiers are suitable for both and women who needs to boost high frequency response.

Adjustable to Your Hearing Needs

Our exclusive hearing amplifiers can be operated with a single finger. The amplifiers features digital volume control that allows you to adjust the volume up or down to fit your hearing needs. It also has a noise reduction and feedback cancellation technology that reduce background noise or unwanted sounds.

What’s In The Box?

✔ 2 x Hearing Digital Amplifiers
✔ 2 x Carrying Cases
✔ 6 x Different size ear plugs
✔ 6 x AG13/LR44 Alkaline Button Cell Batteries
✔ 2 x Cleaning Brushes
✔ 2 x Manual Instructions


At Easyuslife®, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and service. Our hearing amplifiers are tailor-made with customer’s need in mind and aimed for perfection. Easyuslife® is driven by our core values of creating hearing amplifiers that exceeds current standard and strive for continuous improvements that go beyond expectations. We hope for Easyuslife® to become the mechanism that helps transform the way you listen the outer world everywhere you go.

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Product Features

  • Digital hearing clearly technology to make voices crystal clear, even at low volumes
  • Energy saver ,500+ Hours Battery Life, Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Micro BTE and Air Construction design Full Digital
  • 2 Sets Accessories Kits: each Includes 1 Protecting and Carrying Case, 3 Different Size Earplugs, 1 Cleaning Brush, 1 Manual, 3 AG13/LR44 Alkaline Button Cell Batteries
  • One-Year Warranty. Affordable Great quality, easyuslife®

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