Digital Hearing Aid | Completely in Canal (CIC) | Discrete | Mini | Lightweight | Red or Blue colours available (Red)

This hearing aid will particularly suit people with slight to moderate hearing loss. People who wear glasses or those who do not wish to advertise that they are wearing hearing aids will like this aid as it is discrete. Two colours are available i.e. red for the right ear and blue for the left ear. This means you can adjust and retain the settings for each ear as each hearing aid can be adjusted for volume sensitivity to suit exactly the requirements for either ear. The package contains 4 sizes of ergonomically designed silicone ear plugs that fit into the ear canal so that you can try different sizes and select the cap that is correct and most comfortable for you. The cap should be kept clean and a brush is provided for this purpose. The silicone cap should be replaced every few months and these are available from us to purchase when required. The sound processor amplifies the volume of noise and is individually adjustable according to your needs. As the aid is completely in the canal, it has a nylon wire to make is easy to remove. Returns: if you change your mind about the product within 30 days of purchase a full refund is available provided the goods are returned in the original packaging undamaged within 30 days. Warranty: if the aid develops a fault, not caused by any mistreatment, within one year of purchase, you will receive a new replacement at no cost to yourself, provided proof of purchase is provided and the aid returned to us within one year. WARNING: do not get product wet or expose product to excessive heat. Technical Parameters: – CE and RoHS compliant – MAX-SSPL90: 118+3 dBSPL – HFA-SSPL90: 110±4dBSPL – Peak Gain: 33dB – HFA Full-on Gain: 30±5dB – Frequency Range: 200-4000HZ – THD : ≤10% – Eq.Input Noise Level: 28dBSPL – Battery Current Drain: 0.6mA

Product Features

  • Key features: completely in the canal | mini-size | lightweight | almost invisible | comfortable fit with different size earplugs | choice of 2 colours
  • Contents: 1 hearing aid | 4 different size earplugs | screwdriver | cleaning brush | user manual | 4 packs of 6 A10 Rayovac batteries
  • Volume: easily adjustable for sensitivity
  • Returns policy: full refund within 30 days if product is not to your satisfaction
  • Warranty: one year warranty

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