niceEshop(TM) Optimum Bone Conduction Headphones Hearing Aids Bone Conduction Headset Audiphone Deaf Aid Best Gift for Hearing Difficulties

Kindly Note:

Note 1: The pick-up box is not water proof design. So do not use wet cloth to clean this part.
Note 2: If the squeak is happening, please switch off the headphones first, then adjust the both volume to minimum, switch on the headphone again, and adjust the volume higher to appropriate again.


Model Number: FRT – 801
Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20KHz

Built-in 350mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery

Standby time: over 60 days

Color: Black
Main Item Size: 14.6 * 13.2 * 2.7cm 5.74 * 5.19 * 1.06in
Main Item Weight: 59g / 2.07oz
Package Size: 17.5 * 16.0 * 3.3cm / 6.89 * 6.30 * 1.30in
Package Weight: 148g / 5.23oz

Package include:
1 * Bone Conduction Headphone
1 * 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 * USB Cable
1 * English / Chinese User Manual

Product Features

  • EAR-FREE KEEPING DANGER AWAY – Release your ears to listen the world, you can response to the surrounding situation quickly, far away from dangerous, suitable for many indoor and outdoor activities
  • AUX IN FUNCTION – With an additional 3.5mm audio cable that connects the bone conduction hearing aids to the mobile phones, PADs or laptops, this hearing aids allows for easy access to calls and multimedia entertainment
  • KEEPING EAR DISEASE AWAY – No need to put into ears. It releases your ears to allow the air to circulate, easy to clean, to avoid ear disease caused by sweat
  • BONE CONDUCTION HEARING AIDS – Uses a sound pickup unit to receive sound through the intelligent integrated module to drive vibrator vibration, the sound can be directly transmit though the skull to the inner ear
  • MORE COMFORTABLE AND HEALTHIER – The sound transmits through the bone to auditory nerve, more comfortable and healthier than traditional hearing aids, suitable for people who has trouble in listening

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G&M Ear Hearing Aid Ear Machine for Deaf Care Battery Hearing Amplifier Personal Sound Amplifier Digital Feedback Cancellation and Noise Reduction

High quality sound amplified
Bluetooth design
Volume control
Flexible ear wire
ear zoom amplifier
Max Sound Output:129 +- 3dB
Sound Gain:>=50dB
Total Harmonic Wave distortion:<= 5%
Input noise:<= 38dB
Working voltage:D.C.3 V
Working current: <= 4 mA
Battery : 1 x AG13 / A675
Size: 5.8cm x 3.4cm x 1.5cm

Product Features

  • Low frequency noise reduction
  • Real-time power display, rechargeable
  • Clear sound, distortion small
  • Imitation Bluetooth style, carry beautiful ?????????earing aid, suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss.

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Bone Conduction Headphones Hearing Aids Headset, Bamett Audiphone Deaf Aid for Walking, Running, Riding and Hearing Difficulties

Ergonomics design, balance wear, tight on the ear.
Noise Reduction echo and cancellation technology ensure clear sound quality.
Sweat-resistant design with Nanotechnology (Up to IPX7) immerse you in sports and music, no need to worry about sweat and water.
Powered by the included micro USB port.

Frequency range: 20~20kHz
Microphone sensitivity:-54±2dB
Operating time: 10±0.3 hours
Standby time: over 60 days
Input: DC5.0±0.5V, Max500mA
Battery: Li-ion battery capacity 3.7V 350mAH

How to use it:
Place the vibrator at the front or back of the ear. Vibrator do not put on the ear.
Fix the ‘Sound pick up’ on the collar or shirt packet with ‘Wear clamps.

How to use it:
hen the headphones is not in use, turn off the power. Can use a clean, soft cloth daily clean the whole device.
Note: the pickup box is not water proof design. So do not use wet cloth to clean this part. Particularly, The chemical solvent cleaning can not be use! such as: pure alcohol, acetone, etc.

Package included:
1x Bone Conduction Hearing Aids Headphone
1x user manual

Product Features

  • Bone conduction headset, send sound through the cranial bones, help people with hearing impairment to hear the world again, and also applicable to elders.
  • Both sides could receive voice and can adjust the volume seperately.
  • Receive voice by the skull.response to the surrounding situation quickly, suitable for walking, running, climbing, skating, riding, sport, etc.
  • No eardrum damage, healthy and eco-friendly. It is suitable for child, young people who uses the headphone frequently to avoid ear damage.
  • Compared with tradtional hearing aids, it is more comfortable and healthy.Best gift for hearing difficulties.

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Mini In Ear Deaf Hearing Aid Aids Adjustable Sound Amplifier

Size: 2.4 x 1.8 x 1.2 cm
Color: brown
Battery type: AG3 (Note: The battery is included in the product)
Light weight
Could be used on either ear
With volume on / off switch
1. Normal working conditions:
a) Environmental temperature: 5 ? ~ 40 ?
b) Humidity: ? 80%
c) Barometric pressure: 86 kPa ~ 106 kPa
d) Working voltage: 1.5 V DC, with a 5%, -10% relative error ( By using a AG3 button battery )
2. Eletroacoustic performance:
a) Max saturated sound pressure level: ?120 dB
b) Full-on acoustic gain: ?30 dB
c) Average acoustic gain: ?18 dB
d) Harmonic distortion:
– no more than 10% when frequency less than 1000 Hz
– no more than 4% when frequency more than 1000 Hz
e) Equivalent noise: ? 50 dB
f) Frequency response: above 250 Hz ~3500 Hz
Note: We have many other beauty and health products, welcome to our store.

According to the FDA, it is in your best health interest to obtain a professional medical evaluation before purchasing a hearing aid and you are encouraged to do so before bidding on this item. If you choose not to obtain a medical evaluation before purchasing this item, I am required by law to provide to you and obtain from you a signed written waiver of the medical evaluation. I am also required to provide to you a copy of the User Instruction Brochure for a hearing aid, review the contents of that brochure with you, and allow you time to read the brochure. You must provide to me either a signed statement from a physician or a signed waiver before I will deliver this item to you. Upon your request, I will also provide to you a copy of the User Instructional Brochure for the hearing aid or the name and address of the manufacturer or distributor from whom a User Instructi
Drugs and other items that require a prescription from a doctor, dentist, optometrist, or veterinarian aren’t allowed on eBay. Listings for health care or other medical-related items are also restricted.


Product Features

  • Ultra convenient and easy to carry.
  • In the design of mini size but with low noise.
  • Offers comfortable silicone earplugs in 3 sizes to fit most ears.
  • It is beneficial for people have hearing problems.

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ZXHao@ Super Mini Hearing Aid In the Ear Deaf Aids Adjustable Tone Invisible Voice Amplifier Fits Either Ear Left or Right Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing + 2 Batteries

Hearing aids category: in the ear

Medical device product name: BTE

Diseases: hearing loss of hearing

Color: standard install box + dry silicone earplugs

Product Category: battery ear canalPacking 

size: 150 * 106 * 44mm

Light weight, easy to carry

Never miss another word at lectures, movies, shows or church

For the crowd: suitable for moderate hearing loss, especially for intermediate frequency, high-frequency loss of serious hearing loss to use

Note: After wearing for a period, use a small brush to clean up the oil residue, cerumen.

Product Features

  • Easy and comfortable, one-finger operation,Noise reduction control through digital chip;
  • Digital volume and frequency program fitting as demanded by different needs;conversation more easily.
  • And enriches the sounds around your head to make the world an easy place!
  • selectively amplifies speech, separating it from background noise and sounds using energy-efficient, twelve-band digital sound processing helping you understand ;
  • A key switch, a key volume adjustment, a look that will, the elderly easy to use

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JINGHAO Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids Aid Bhind The Ear Best Sound Amplifier Voice Portable Hearing Aid Deaf Device JH-337

6S Factory
Easy operation Low noise , Light weight
Adjustable volume control Fancy design and New style
Nice small gift box packing Comfortable wearing in either ear Perfect in craftsmanship
Item Type:Ear Care
Size:rechargeable hearing aids
Model Number:JH-337
Color:Beige ,Carnation
Style:ITE rechargeable home care style
Certificate:CE and Rohs
Frequency Range:100-6000Hz
Operating Current: Below 2 mA
Output Power:0.8 mW
Operating Time:55 hours
Input Noise: Below 30dB

Product Features

  • BTE Rechargeable Hearing Aid
  • Sound Amplifier Adjustable Tone Hearing Aids
  • Easy operation, Low noise , Light weight

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ewinever(TM) 1set Hearing Aids Digital Device In Ear Aid/Audiphone Sound Amplifier Ear Aid Adjustable Tone Hearing Aid Deaf Aid Ear Volume

Max Sound Output: 110±5dB
Max Sound Gain: ≥30 dB
Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤10%
Frequency Range: 300~4000 Hz
Input Noise: ≤40 dB
Battery: AG3/LR41 & A312(Zinc Air Battery)
Working Voltage DC 1.5V
Working Current: ≤4mA
Measurement: 18.5*12.3*17.3mm
Item Net Weight:3g
It is a SUPER MINI ear amplifier with lightweight and can be used in either ear,it’s a good choice when you watching the TV, enjoy the movies, opera, entertainment, and have classes and attending the meeting, it will help you regain your hearing so you can live the life you’re used to.
Lightweight personal sound amplifier maximizes the natural ability to hear sounds
Designed to fit either ear
Comes with 4 different tips for a comfor
Package Included: 1 x Hearing Aids 2 x AG3 Button Cells 1 x Instruction Manual 1 x Case 2 x Units of earplug of different size”

Product Features

  • Max sound output: 110±5db
  • Max sound gain: ≥30 db
  • Frequency range: 300~4000 hz
  • Battery: ag3/lr41 & a312(zinc air battery)
  • Input Noise: ≤40 Db

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XP100 hearing aid for deaf

Hearing aid for deafness Last Lexmann XP 100 model 2016. We present the headset Lexmann smallest of all our hearing aids, is very discreet. This sonotone used batteries and lasts very long making it very comfortable and not to constantly worry about their cargo. Your hearing will improve significantly. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TYPE: ITC Maximum output 120 + 5dB Gain> 30 dB Harmonic Distortion <10% Frequency 300-4000 Hz input noise <40 dB AG3 LR 41 batteries or 1.5 v Consumption <4 mA Last model 2016

Product Features

  • Mini XP100 hearing aid for deaf

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Hearing aid for deaf Lexmann ZP100

A traditional hearing aid, latest model 2016, goes behind the ear, but incorporates the latest technologies for hearing aids. You can enjoy TV without disturbing others, have conversations without raising his voice, attending meetings etc. A major change for you and for those around him. Our hearing aids for deafness Lexmann will significantly increase your hearing. This type of hearing aid is easy to tolerate and adapt to your ear. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TYPE: BTE Maximum output 133 + 5dB Gain> 50 dB Harmonic distortion <6% Frequency 400 -3900 Hz input noise <30 dB AG13 batteries 1.5 v Consumption <4 mA

Product Features

  • Hearing aid for deaf Lexmann ZP100

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XUAN Old wireless rechargeable hearing aid elderly Deaf hearing aid behind the ear hearing aid

Packing list: single ear hearing aids wear
Product name: BTE
The scope of products: for patients with air conduction hearing loss hearing loss compensation
Behind the ear hearing aid

Product Features

  • Easy and comfortable, one-finger operation
  • Noise reduction control through digital chip
  • Digital volume and frequency program fitting as demanded by different needs
  • And enriches the sounds around your head to make the world an easy place!
  • selectively amplifies speech, separating it from background noise and sounds using energy-efficient, twelve-band digital sound processing helping you understand conversation more easily.

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COLEMETER® Super Mini In the Ear Hearing Aid Aids Ear Amplifying Aid Rechargeable Adjustable Tone for Partially Deaf


Max sound output: 125±4dB
Sound gain: more than 38dB
Total harmonic wave distortion: not more than 10%
Frequency range: 450 – 3500Hz
Input noise: not more than 30dB
Rechargeable lithium battery, charger included
Switch ON / OFF

Package include:

1 X Hearing aid
1 x European adapter
1 x plug / bag
1 X English user manual
1 x Packing Box
1 x String

Product Features

  • New rechargeable hearing aid , Light weight, Easy to carry
  • Super mini headset to deaf or the person with hearing problem, they fit comfortably in the ear
  • Adjustable volume and light weight, helps you to hear more lucid
  • It lets hear conversations quite a meter away ; Never miss another word at lectures, movies, shows or church
  • Perfect gifts for the old person / deaf / family and so on

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GAOMEIElderly deaf ear behind the ear rechargeable hearing aids hearing aid ear double , double machine

Charging BTE
Sizes: single, double
Material: medical
Suitable for mild to profound hearing loss who use

Product Features

  • Volume Adjustable. Super mini size and light weight, easy and comfortable to wear. Best sound amplifier behind the
  • can be used in either ear; Suitable for air conductive hearing loss patient.
  • Help you hear the sound clearly and loudly, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Can be used for air amplifier; The volume can be controlled.
  • Before using the hearing aid, please read the supplied user manual

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