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●According to lens safety specification (CNS15067)

● interchangeable lens design Bluetooth system:

● Bluetooth 2.1 version, which can connect with Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones and computers, and supports A2DP function. Communication range up to 10 meters (barrier-free).

● Battery specifications Rechargeable lithium battery (250mAh/3.7V) is completed within 2 hours

●The talk time is about 4 hours

● Music playback time is about 4 hours

● Standby time About 50 hours nasal bone conduction microphone:

●The special nose pads are adjustable and can be adjusted according to different nose shapes for easy and comfortable wearing.

★★Other technical specifications

● Product Size 160mmX160mmX43mm

● Product weight 30g

● Operating Environment -10C°-50C° Humidity 0-90%

● Charger Specifications Input: AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz, Output: DC 5V MAX 1A

Product Features

  • ● The sound of the bone conduction speaker is located in the triangular protrusion (ear bead) of the ear hole.
  • ● The position of the bone conduction speaker can be freely adjusted according to the person’s face (it can be adjusted within a range of 60 degrees).
  • ● Directly transmit sound to the inner ear by vibrating the human skull. It is not necessary to put the earphones in the ear, to prevent earphones from damaging the eardrum, to protect people’s hearing health, and to liberate both ears.
  • ●Using military-grade bone conduction microphone technology to ensure that the call is still clear in an extremely noisy environment and can effectively isolate all surrounding ambient sounds.
  • ● Anti-UV polarized lenses, can block more than 90% of UV rays, protect eyesight from damage under strong light

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