Soledpower Bone Conduction Headphones Wired Sports Headset Hands-free Earphone Waterproof Earphone with Noise Reduction Microphone For Sports, Cycling,Running (Black Color)

What is a bone condecution? -Bone conduction is a way of sound conduciton which transfer sound waves through Crannium, bony labyrinth,inner ear lymph fluid,auditiory nerve,audotory center.We can hear the sound using boned conduction every day,when we eat cookies,we can heaar the sound of cookies crunches,that sound is the transfered into our auditory center by our teeth and bones. Bone coinduction technology has been used for the decades in the middle of the headphones for the policy, and also has been used in the manufacturers of the conductive deafness patients with hearing AIDS.LF-18 innovative apply this technology to civil headphones can alsobe used in the general population,which animating the openears new trend.

Product Features

  • Bone conduction technology creates mini vibrations, sending sound through the cheekbones, directly to the inner ears – for awareness and comfort,The aim to help people with Recession Type Hearing Impairment to listen music also helps to avoid hearing loss from ordinary earphones.
  • Super HD Sound: With this new smart open ear bone conduction headphones you can enjoy heavy bass and crystal clear treble while listening to your favorite music.
  • Best equipment for sports: This sports headset is sweatproof, dust-proof and ears-free. Perfect for outdoor activity lovers to ensure their health and safety.
  • Handsfree & Clear sound quality: With more sensitive microphone and CVC 6.0 noise canceling mounted, more clear hands-free calling is realized. It has better sound quality than any bone conduction headphones. Not only for use in sports with enhanced sound leakage prevention design, it can also be active in many daily places.
  • Lightweight design: Lightweight body, design collar clip, comfortable to use, suitable for use in sports such as running, cycling!

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