REAQER Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer and Electronic Cochlear Drying Box UV-C Disinfecting Sanitizer and Cleaning Case for Hearing Amplifier

Portable & Energy-efficient & Good Care

REAQER Hearing aids dryer is a electric UV dehumidifier for personal hearing aids/ear molds/hearing protections/music monitors/tinnitus maskers
and cochlear implant hardware. It is easy to use – start and stop simply by one touch sensor button.

Product Feature :

Product Type: Electric hearing aid dryer
Material: ABS environmental protection materials
Product use: remove moisture and condensation & eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria from hearing aid amplifier
Drying Temperature Range:About 95℉~113℉ (40℃±5℃)

How to use it :

Firstly ,connect power line, 2 lights flash.
Mode 1:Touch power button once, 1 light on. Dehumidify fuction runs for 3h.
Mode 2: Touch power button twice, 2 lights on. Dehumidify fuction runs for 6h.
Mode3: Touch power button three times, 3 lights on. Dehumidify fuction and UV disinfection run for 30mins.


Don’t look at or touch the UV-C light for a long time when it is working.
Do not use the dryer near water or fire.
Do not assemble the drying station
We recommend wet wipes for cleaning your dryer UV.
Unplug the power supply only for prolonged absence.
The drying station has an automatic safety function that turns off the UV-C light if the lid is opened during the UV-C program.

Product Features

  • Temperature Range: 35℃~45℃,Timing: 3h & 6h optional
  • Removes moisture, dries earwax, kills germs, and deodorizes your hearing instruments.
  • Fresh and clean hearing aids–UV Lamp to kill bacteria
  • Fewer repairs, better sound quality,as moisture is removed daily
  • Package list:1*electronic dryer case,1*USB cable,1* User Manual

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IRIVER BLANK Automatic Hearing Aid Dryer and Electronic Cochlear Dryer UV-C Disinfecting Sanitizer and Cleaning Case Holder And Drying Box

Product Description

The IRIVER BLANK System is an electronic device for the maintenance and the storage of all kinds of hearing aids. The maintenance is ensured by the combination of V-C rays for disinfection. The Perfect Dry is equipped with a lamp, which emits short UV-C rays, whose 360 degree circular disposition enables to reach all of the surfaces of the hearing aids. The UV-C rays destroy 99% of viruses and bacteria, which dramatically reduces itchiness and infections of the ear canal. The Fast and Intensive cleaning cycle is a 30 minutes. For the ultimate clean and disinfection, the IRVER BALNK System Automatic Hearing Aid UV-C Disinfecting and Cleaning System by Quest is there to answer the call, time and time again.
Thermostatic dehumidification helps to extend the life of hearing aids

Product Features

  • 360 Degree UV-C Lamp
  • Optimized ergonomics. Quality and sturdiness
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact case and design
  • USB power supply

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