NAERFB The mini-consultation amplify hearing aid aids behind the ear adjustable Clay Clay pigeons (AIDS) Reloads trackables VHP-203

USB charging
Low frequency noise reduction
easy to use
Wireless stealth
Weight: 8g
Applicable to the crowd: hearing loss, hearing impairment
Packaging contains: ear plugs * 4
Power adapter and cable * 1
Manual * 1
Clean the brush * 1
Instructions for use: 1. Select the appropriate earplugs, the ear plug and headphones connected
2. full of electricity
3. Turn the headset cable to adjust the appropriate angle
4. Turn off the switch and adjust the volume to a minimum
5. put the earplugs into the ear canal, adjust the position, plug tight
6. Select the appropriate gear and volume
7. Use the end, turn off the power

Product Features

  • Small ear hearing aids, easy to carry around, free communication.
  • After taking the hearing aid at night, it should be placed in a box containing desiccant, avoiding light, avoiding high temperature and high humidity, and avoiding collision.
  • if you hear a whistle, check whether the size of the earplug (silica gel) is small, whether it is suitable, and whether the ear hole is tightly sealed. Please choose suitable earplugs and tight them, do not leak.
  • The function and volume control switch should be properly applied, so as to avoid the excessive and excessive force.
  • The external surface of hearing aids should be kept clean, and earwax should be cleaned regularly.

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