HSDMF Rechargeable Hearing Aid E-33 Digital Number 2 Channel Volume Control Personal Sound Amplifier Left /Right Ear , Right ear

Feedback Suppression Function?Low-power Indicator?Noise Reduction Manager

    Peak Gain 4dB
    HFA Full-on Gain 34dB
    Frequency Range 200Hz-6000Hz
    Eq. Input Noise Level 25dB
    Battery Current Drain 1.35 mAe-converted-space
    Low Battery Consumption
    Intelligent Program Recoding Sytem
    Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
    Low Battery Indicator
    Maximum Power Output(MPO)Control
    Fitting Range:<80dB

Product Features

  • RIC hearing aids using the chips with digital circuit and high speed DSP processing chips, intelligent adaptive noise reduction system high-effective adaptive feedback suppression function.
  • The product design show the new trend of BTE hearing aid, it meet the Ergonomics theory with comfortable wearing and Powerful functions.
  • 2Channels and 4 Bands Intelligent Noise Reduction System(6dB)?Intelligent Spectrum Detection Processing System
  • Low Battery Consumption (can last use 18-20 hours)?Maximum Power Output(MPO)Control
  • Package List:1 * Hearing Aid?7 * Earplug?1 * Brush for Cleaning?1 * Operation Manual

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Med-Fit Behind the Ear Fully Rechargeable 4 Channel High Performance Digital Hearing Aid – Medically Approved – Fits both left and right ears

The Med-Fit 4 Channel Digital Hearing Aid is a high performance hearing device, easy to use digital hearing aid that brings a great listening experience. Designed as an open fit, behind-the-ear digital hearing aid, the Med-Fit 4 Channel Digital is both discreet to wear and easy to operate.

The Med-Fit 4 Channel Hearing Aid is fully rechargeable with the easy charging stand just place the device on top of the slick designed charger, the magnets hold it on place and that is it.

User controls have been made as friendly as possible for fingers that aren’t quite as dexterous as they used to be. The battery used is one of the largest available. This means the battery life lasts longer, only to be further enhanced by a power-efficient chip platform, requiring less fiddly changes to contend with.

The Med-Fit 4 Channel Hearing Aid as 4 built in programmes with a range of sound processing features, including a feedback management system to protect your ears from uncomfortable and annoying whistling.

Any unwanted feedback is automatically targeted and removed without influencing the amplification settings, leaving you to enjoy your conversation undisturbed. A telecoil programme is available as default and accessed via a push button, so connecting to your landline couldn’t be easier.

Product Features

  • 4 high performance digital channels removes all background noise
  • Easy to use, open-fitting behind-the-ear hearing aid
  • Fully rechargeable so no need to buy batteries
  • Discreet invisible design with digital sound technology
  • Fits both left and right ears

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