Phonak Cerustop Wax Guards

Phonak waxtraps Replacement Filters help to keep your headset, clean and reduce costly reparaciones. This product is not returnable.

Product Features

  • One size fits all custom products.
  • Wax Traps, also compatible, Audeo, Audeo themselves and AUDEO SMART behind the ear instruments.
  • Easy removal and insertion tool included.
  • A color for both left and right devices.
  • Pack of 8 waxtrap replacements are included per order of this Article.

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(5 Packs) …Phonak Cerustop Wax Trap replacement filters….IN THE CERUSTOP WRAPPER by Hearing Aid Supply Shop

Product Description:NEW 5-packs of Phonak WaxTrap filters for Phonak RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) hearing aids including Audeo, Yes, and Naida CRT models. 8 filters per pack. Now shipping the new WaxTrap filters that replace the older WaxTrap2 version. Keep your hearing aids in top working condition by changing these wax filters regularly.

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