Ear Pick Kit Stainless Steel Ear Cure Earwax Remover Tool Ear Cerumen Cleaning Tools – 4 PCS

No matter who you are, no matter what you are doing, what we are pursuing is that We deserve the best.
The best life, the best happiness, and the best ear pick kit!

I guess that you do not know:
– 100% stainless steel
– Different design for different function
– Used for home or traveling
– With anti-rust bag for carrying with yourself
– Perfect and effective
It is helpful for hearing if we clean ear cerumen regularly.

Step 1: Be sure you don’t have an ear infection or a perforated eardrum.
Step 2: Disinfect the earpick tool before use.
Step 3: Check your earwax is moist or dry first.Pick which tool you want your earwax to remove.
Step 4: If your earwax is moist and gooey,please use the four rings tip to spirally remove earwax slowly and gently.
Step 5: If you have dry flaky earwax,please use the spoon-shaped tip to remove earwax slowly and gently.
Step 6: Use the hollowed ball head to massage the ears entire surface gently and slowly.
Step 7: Disinfect the earpick tools after use.

1.1.The ear cleaning receiver, during initial procedures, should provide feed-back about the feelings and therefore reassure the provider.
2. Please help and guide your child to use arwax removal tools gently and carefully, do not put them too deep into your ear canal.
3. Consult a doctor for help if your ear have any discomfort.
4. Not recommend the poeple who wear hearing aids.
5.Don’t put the earpick into the ear deeply and be careful to use it, don’t hurt your ear canal wall and eardurm.

Love yourself! Take care yourself!

Our ear pick kit can help you to love yourself better!

Product Features

  • EAR CLEANER TOOL: It has 4 pieces earpicks, suitable for different ear canal, effective in removing build up and impacted earwax.
  • STAINLESS STEEL: Easy to clean and sterilize. It is durable and anti-rust. These tools are safe and make you are at ease for personal and family use when used correctly.
  • UNIQUE SPRING AND SPIRAL TOOL: The unique spring and spiral design can effectively relieve itching and massage the ear canal while cleaning.Skid resistant ergonomics design, easy to control and more safe.
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Portable box is easy to keep the earwax removal kit when you are at home or travelling.Conveniently packed for storage.
  • EAR CARE: The set is perfect and effective for anyone who suffers from earwax buildup.It is also a perfect gift for close friend. Much better use it after bath. Place it out of children’s reach.

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