In the Ear Hearing Aids Rechargeable Sound Amplifier Super Mini Invisible Hearing Machine Comfortable Wear Built-in Battery 33 Hours Working Time With 6pcs Ear Tips, Manual Book, Clearning Tools “CE Approved” GPFATTRY

It is the super mini rechargeable hearing aid in the ear. It is for slight and moderat hearing loss people. For the long using time, you no need change and buy battery frequency.
Machine size/cm: 2*1.5*1.8
Max Sound Output:125 ± 5dB
Sound Gain:≥35dB
Total Harmonic Wave Distortion:≤5%
Battery capacity/Mah:40
Operation Current:≤3mA
Operatoin current/mA:1.2
Frequency Range:300-4000Hz
Working time/H:33
Input Noise:≤30dB
Accessories:Chargeing base:1, Ear tip:6pcs, Gift box:1, Operation Manual:1, Adaptor:1, Cleaning tools:2
Packing box Size:4.5*12*9
Steps1:Connect the silicon tip to hearing Aid
Steps 2:Turn the switch to “ON”Position
Steps 3:Plug the heading aid into your ear and adjust the volume as your like
If you can’t hear from the heading aid,please check the following steps
If the power is switched on keeping method: 1:The heading aid shouding be kept in the room,Where is dry and well ventilated
2. Where the relative humidity is less than 80% and there is no corrosive gas
3.when you use ,you can chose your size earplug
4.if it still can’t hear,please contact with us,we are give you a new one or give you 100% refund

Product Features

  • CLEAR SOUND AND LONG USING TIME: Hearing Aid amplifies sound in the best speech frequencies of the human voice complete background noise reduction and cancellation. Energy efficient rechargeable batteries allows for longer use between charges.
  • SMALL SIZE FOR LEFT AND RIGHT EAR: This analog hearing machine is suitable for left and right ear. It can enhance sound for slight and moderate hearing loss people. Best sound amplifier for younger and old people. It can hide well in your ear.
  • DIFFERENT SIZE EAR TIPS FOR CHOICE :6PCS different size ear tips for you, you can choose the best one according to your ear size.
  • NICE TOUR-PACKING BAG: You can find it is very convenient to carry when you go outside. Big space protect hearing machine will not be damaged.
  • CE CERTIFICATION APPROVED, 1 YEAR WARRANTY: Our hearing machine has pass CE CERTIFICATION, if you has any problem, you can contact us within 1 year.

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