Hearing Aid Kyphosis Correction Belt Men And Women Adult Posture Correction With Kyphosis Spinal Correction Orthotic Correction Correction Kyphosis,L

1. Do not unreasonably vigorously bundle
2. For each use of about two hours, please relax and relax for 10 minutes
3 Hand washing should use neutral detergent
4. Can not be exposed to dryness should be placed in the cool dry naturally dry
Develop good habits of raising your chest and abdomen and setting your waist to say goodbye.
Improve bad posture and maintain reasonable eye distance helps prevent myopia
Keep the coordination of the neck and shoulders to effectively relieve shoulder pain
2 hours 21 days a day to develop good habits

Product Features

  • M:Weight40-50 kg/L:Weight50-60 kg/XL:Weight 60-70 kg/XXL:Weight 70-80 kg
  • The Thing You Need If You Have Formed The Habit Of Hunchback
  • Function: This Product Can Reshape Your Posture And Chest That Help Your Back Be Straight Anytime.Moreover, It Excellently Aid In Correcting Poor Posture And Shoulder Slump.It Will Make You More Confident And Healthier Than Ever Before
  • Made From Stretchable, Breathable, Lightweight And Comfortable Materials, Suitable For Any Aerobic Exercise Or Weight Reduction Program.
  • Relieve Pain In The Neck And Shoulders And Design The Correct Alignment Of The Shoulders To Relieve Pain3.

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Pull up the auxiliary belt, stretch the resistance band-Move belt-weight belt-extra durable and top rated pull band or set , green

Material latex

Suitable for the stadium: fitness body, fitness equipment

Size Black 208¡Á2.2¡Á4.5 cm Red208 ¡Á 1.3 ¡Á 4.5cm purple 208¡Á3.2¡Á4.5cm Green 208¡Á4.5¡Á4.5cm

Weight black 200g red 125g purple 285g green 420g

Characteristics a

Product Features

  • Sales are a single pull band. Choose a different resistance level. Don’t know which band is right for you? Please refer to our band selection for a second image recommended.
  • Least resistance, these can be used in stretching, jumping and other light drills, including light weight lifting. They are also perfect for those who only need a nudge.
  • Here are all the other details we offer: Black 208¡Á2.2¡Á4.5 cm 25 to 50 lbs, red 208 ¡Á 1.3 ¡Á 4.5cm 15 to 25 lbs, purple 208¡Á3.2¡Á4.5cm 35 to 85 lbs, green 208¡Á4.5¡Á4.5cm 50 to 125 lbs.
  • Many people buy more than a and combine their own selection of the most effective training. The combination brings you 3 levels of aid-a with thicker, one with thinner, and one with two bands. This allows you to do the setting, you start from the thicker,
  • Whether you are just starting with pull or you are working with an athlete to restore or improve your strength, the Wodfitters drag strap will help you pull up and chin up to the next level. Try 60 days.

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