BATTERY, HEARING AID, DA13, 6PK,DURALOCK; Battery Capacity:300mAh; Battery IEC Code:PR48; Battery NEDA Code:7000ZD; Battery Size Code:PR48; Battery Technology:Zinc Air; Battery Terminals:Pressure Contact; Battery Voltage:1.4V; External Diameter:5.4mm; External Height:7.9mm; SVHC:No SVHC (16-Jun-2014); Weight:0.8g; External Length / Height:7.9mm; MSL:-; Output Voltage:1.4V; Pack Quantity:6

Product Features


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Rayovac Extra HA312, PR41, 4607 Hearing Aid Battery 60-Pack

New: Reduced Price 10 in box (10x 6-Blister)

Zinc air hearing aid batteries for hearing aids:

  • Varta HA312, V312A Varta
  • Activair 312 HPX, Duracell DA312 H
  • Energizer 312AP, Ucar AC 312
  • IEC PR41, type H 312, Maxell EP312E
  • Power One P312, Panasonic PR 312 H
  • Rayovac R312AE, RW 392 Renata ZA312
  • IEC PR41, ANSI 7002ZD
  • Neuroth
  • Color code: brown

Button cells for hearing aids. Optimal energy supply for all hearing aid types – eg with Rayovac batteries. Long maturities and a high voltage features of these special batteries.

Alternative names:

  • EasyTab312, 312 AE, 312 HPX, AA312, 312 Zas, AS 312, ZL 312, BR 312, AE 312, A 312, DA 312, AC 312, 312 AP, H 312, 312DS, ZL3, PR 312 H, AR 41, p 312, 312 AU, HA 312, ZA 312, S 312, ZA312, PZA 312 H

Technical details:
Size: coin cell
Button cell type: PR41
System: Zinc-air battery
Voltage: 1,4 Volt
Capacity: 180mAh
Energy: max. 0,25 Wh
Dimension: 7,8×3,45mm
Weight: 90 gramm
Packing: 6-Blister
Manufacturer: Varta
EAN-Code: 9009316321411

Product Features

  • Capacity: 180mAh
  • Voltage: 1,4 Volt
  • System: Zinc-air battery
  • Button cell size: PR41
  • Weight: 90 gr

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Zenipower Zinc-Air Hearing Aid Battery Size 312 (60)

60 Zenipower size 312 hearing aid batteries (brown tab) – Suitable mainly for in the canal hearing aids (ITC) and some on the ear (RIC, OTE) – 10 packs of 6 hearing aid batteries

Product Features

  • 10 cards of 6 batteries
  • Nominal Voltage: 1.4 Volts
  • Capacity: 180 mAh (to 0.9 volts)
  • Available Current: 10 mA(at 1.1 volts)
  • Operation Temp: 0°C to 50°C

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NEW Nitecore NL188 3200mAh 3.7V 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Product name: NEW Nitecore NL188 3200mAh 18650 Battery
Type: NL188
Capacity: 3200MAH 
Voltage: 3.7V (11.8Wh)
Charging current: MAX 2A(1A current recommended)
Weight: 46.5G
Size: Total Length: 70mm Diameter: 18.7mm

High quality Li-Ion battery from Nitecore.
Certified by CE, UL and ROHS and internationally insured.
Capable of more than 500 charge-discharge cycles.
New high quality Li-Ion battery from Nitecore. Purpose designed for high performance flashlights with protected circuit. 3200mAh 3.7V 11.8Wh NL188

Package Included:
1 x NEW Nitecore NL188 3200mAh 18650 Battery

Product Features

  • Capacity:3200MAH
  • Voltage:3.7V
  • Charging current:MAX 2A(1A current recommended)
  • Weight:46.5G
  • Size:(d*L)18.7*70(mm)

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Sanyo 2pcs 18650 Protected 3.7v 2600mAh Rechargeable Battery

This is brand new 2600mAh 18650 li-ion battery from japan Sanyo. This is a High capacity 18650 with low internal resistance. This is probably the best 18650 battery up on market. An ideal power source especially for high power laser pointer and led flashlight or other electronic product.

Product name:Sanyo 18650 2600mAh battery
Brand: Sanyo(Original and brand new)
Internal resistance:66
Protective Internal resistance:40
Charge Voltage : 4.20+/-0.03V
Discharge Cut off Voltage: 3.0V
The maximum current:5.5 A
Size: 69mm x 18MM (lenght x diameter)

Double MOS protective circuit
Designed for led flashlight battery.
Comes with protectived sheet steel,Solid and durable.
Blue head Sanyo 18650 2600mAh battery is one of the best in 18650 battery.

Note: Do not make the battery resting for a longtime.Please charge for the battery at least every 6 months.

Package included:
2 x Sanyo 18650 2600mAh battery

Product Features

  • Product name:Sanyo 18650 2600mAh battery
  • Protective Internal resistance:40
  • Charge Voltage : 4.20+/-0.03V
  • The maximum current:5.5 A
  • Size: 69mm x 18MM (lenght x diameter)

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Rayovac size 312 Hearing Aid Battery 1-Pack of 6 cells

Specialising in hearing aid batteries, Rayovac is the leading manufacturer in its field. The company prides itself on using digital imaging and 104 quality checks to test every battery so you get a powerful consistent battery every time you buy Rayovac. There are many performance benefits for powering your hearing aid using Rayovac; these consists of advance power of up to 17% greater than normal batteries, long shelf life of 4 years and power consistency throughout the life of the battery.

Product Features

  • Rayovac Zinc Air Size 312 Batteries
  • Pack of 6 Cells
  • Long running time
  • Enhanced performance
  • Suitable with all hearing aids using size 312 batteries

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Philips Minicells Battery – non-rechargeable batteries (Zinc-Air, Button/coin, Cd (cadmium), Pb (lead), Stainless steel, PET blister)

Philips Hearing aid Batteries – Zinc Air ZA13 – powerful performance for your hearing aid, and in a handy 6 pack

Product Features

  • Philips ZA13 Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Pack of 6
  • Zinc Air technology

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