STEAM PANDA Hearing Aid Both Left And Right Ears Are Available Invisible Wireless Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier Behind The Ear Elder People Deafness Sound Enhancers , double

Product Name: Hearing Aid

Saturation pressure level: 128db

High frequency average: 118

Sound file gain: 40

Total Harmonic Distortion: 10%

Built-in high-capacity battery, USB charging

Regardless of left and right ears

Medical grade environmental protection materials, comfortable to wear, ergonomic design

Back-style wear, solid and comfortable

Chip noise reduction, clear voice

STEAM PANDA: domestic well-known brands, sales of consumer electronics products, its sales agents various home electronics products to meet everyone’s needs for home electronics.


Free configuration plug converter (limited charging model)

First time use, use low volume, do not use maximum volume, need to adapt

The size of the earplugs should be appropriate, not suitable will produce a lot of noise, howling and current sound

The first time using a hearing aid can cause discomfort, the hearing aid can amplify sounds that you can not normally hear, and you need to adapt slowly.

Pay attention to safe use, no children, pet touch.Please often clean the dirt, long-term non-use, at least once a month charging (limited charging model)

Product Features

  • Built-in high-capacity battery, USB charging
  • Regardless of left and right ears
  • Medical grade environmental protection materials, comfortable to wear, ergonomic design
  • Back-style wear, solid and comfortable
  • Chip noise reduction, clear voice

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Digital Hearing Aid | Completely in Canal (CIC) | Discrete | Mini | Lightweight | Red or Blue colours available (Red)

This hearing aid will particularly suit people with slight to moderate hearing loss. People who wear glasses or those who do not wish to advertise that they are wearing hearing aids will like this aid as it is discrete. Two colours are available i.e. red for the right ear and blue for the left ear. This means you can adjust and retain the settings for each ear as each hearing aid can be adjusted for volume sensitivity to suit exactly the requirements for either ear. The package contains 4 sizes of ergonomically designed silicone ear plugs that fit into the ear canal so that you can try different sizes and select the cap that is correct and most comfortable for you. The cap should be kept clean and a brush is provided for this purpose. The silicone cap should be replaced every few months and these are available from us to purchase when required. The sound processor amplifies the volume of noise and is individually adjustable according to your needs. As the aid is completely in the canal, it has a nylon wire to make is easy to remove. Returns: if you change your mind about the product within 30 days of purchase a full refund is available provided the goods are returned in the original packaging undamaged within 30 days. Warranty: if the aid develops a fault, not caused by any mistreatment, within one year of purchase, you will receive a new replacement at no cost to yourself, provided proof of purchase is provided and the aid returned to us within one year. WARNING: do not get product wet or expose product to excessive heat. Technical Parameters: – CE and RoHS compliant – MAX-SSPL90: 118+3 dBSPL – HFA-SSPL90: 110±4dBSPL – Peak Gain: 33dB – HFA Full-on Gain: 30±5dB – Frequency Range: 200-4000HZ – THD : ≤10% – Eq.Input Noise Level: 28dBSPL – Battery Current Drain: 0.6mA

Product Features

  • Key features: completely in the canal | mini-size | lightweight | almost invisible | comfortable fit with different size earplugs | choice of 2 colours
  • Contents: 1 hearing aid | 4 different size earplugs | screwdriver | cleaning brush | user manual | 4 packs of 6 A10 Rayovac batteries
  • Volume: easily adjustable for sensitivity
  • Returns policy: full refund within 30 days if product is not to your satisfaction
  • Warranty: one year warranty

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Apalus Affordable Digital Hearing Amplifier- Behind the Ear Hearing Amplifier-personal Sound Amplifier with Volume Control and Background Noise Reduce- Right/left ear fit- Highest Quality Available

Compare to audiologist doctor recommend thousands dollar hearing enhance device, this hearing amplifier with affordable price which you don’t need worry your insurance won’t cover expensive treatment for hearing loss!

Who should have this ear hearing amplifier?

For people who have Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss, if you have difficulty in hearing the television, need family shout or repeat loud within 6 feet distance or speak loud next to your ear, can’t hear telephone ringing, dog barking, this is for you.

The Plus points

1.Comfortable behind the ear and stays hidden

2.Super power BTE, with 32 grade wide-range volume switch, Noise Reduction, 2 working mode soft/loud for all quiet & noisy loud occasion

Max saturation sound:129± 5 dB

Max acoustic Gain: ≥50 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion≤5‰

Frequency Range 450Hz~3500Hz

Equivalent input noise ≤30 dB

3. Low power consumption long working hours, max Working Hours with Standard Battery: 70 h

Battery (cell) A675

4. Includes 8 extra earplugs, you can choose the correct size to use and make it comfortable, avoid whistler

Choose the correct volume which you feel comfortable and clearly, but pls note to adjust volume to the minimum before wearing and then increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.

Package include:

1 hearing amplifier

2 soft tube with earphone

8 extra soft earplug

2 cells A675 battery

1 carry case

1 manual

Product Features

  • This personal digital hearing amplifier is the best personal hearing enhance device
  • Open DSP platform +50 dB Gain, maximum reduce back ground noise, feedback cancellation, more clearly and more comfort
  • 32 volume level switch,Soft/Loud working mode make soft sounds louder and loud sounds softer
  • US.Submarine headphone adopted Digital-Input Stereo bridge-tied super quality earphone speaker
  • 8 different sizes of earplugs for most comfortable wearing experience, adjustable to either ear

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