60 x Phonak Mercury Free hearing aid batteries type 312 Brown

Powerone Mercury Free 312 Brown Value Pack PowerOne Mercury Free hearing aid batteries 312 Brown Product Description The batteries are manufactured in Germany and for hearing aids a brilliant sound quality. Power One Mercury Free hearing aid batteries, environmentally friendly, and Quecksilberfreien hearing aid batteries are characterised by long battery life and a high and stable voltage layer made of. The hearing aid batteries have a high energy density and a constant discharge curves. Power One Mercury Free hearing aid batteries guarantee an excellent amplifier power and a brilliant and distortion-free sound quality in analog and digital hearing aids. The technical specifications: Battery type: P312 capacity (mAh): 180 volts: 1.45 Colour Code: Brown Size/Height x Diameter (mm): 7.9 x 3.6 Weight: 0.83 g Advantages: Excellent sound quality mercury free and contributing to a sustainable planet High and stable voltage Package, practical, convenient and easy to handle. Long service life Suitable for high performance hearing aid High Humidity Power One meets the most stringent safety and quality control checks for analogue and digital hearing aid made from stainless steel, corrosion protection box contents:

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60 x Rayovac Type 13 Extra Advanced Hearing Aid Batteries Hearing Aid Batteries Orange

Top quality from the worldwide market leader. The Rayovac hearing aid batteries are produced in the United States, as well as England and meet even the highest standards. Next to your long life of nearly 3 years they are predominantly due to their extremely high capacity. At a Glance: – Height: 5.4 mm – Diameter: 7.9 mm – Colour Code: Orange – Kennziffer: 13 L capacity: 310 mAh – Voltage: 1.4 V – Shelf Life: 3 – 4 years – high performance requires worldwide market leaders – Extra long service life of up to 4 years Box Contents – 60 x Rayovac Extra 13 (10 Blister Packs battery pack of 6 batteries included)

Product Features

  • 60 x Value Pack Rayovac 13
  • Orange type 13
  • 10 packs
  • 60 battery
  • Free shipping

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