JYtop® 1 x Sound Tubes + 3 x Ear plugs /pieces /domes + 3in1 Hearing Aids cleaning tool

Packing list:
* 2 sound tubes
* 6 ear plugs (S/M/L x 2)
2 X L size (13 MM)
2 X M size (11 MM)
2 X S size (8 MM)

* 1 multi-purpose hearing aid cleaning tool brush – hearing aid cleaning magnet – battery changing metal loop – wax clearing

Product Features

  • 1.This Universal Quick-Fit BTE (Behind-the-Ear) Hearing Aid Aids Domes and Tube Kit comes with one (1) tube and three (3) sizes of domes – small, medium and large, along with the elbow connector that connects the domes to the tube – for one (1) ear/hearing aid.
  • 2. After connecting the preferred dome size to the tube, you can then match up the proper length of the tube with the earhook of your BTE to cut for a customized fit. Simply Do-it-Yourself! Due to the low-profile design, this kit provides one of the most discreet, but well-sealed fittings for your BTE hearing aid.
  • 3.This is an excellent alternative to standard BTE earmolds and tubing. You will find, like most wearers, that you will prefer the fit, comfort and improved visual appearance, compared to traditional BTE fitting earmolds.
  • 4. Plus, there is no comparison in cost. At 10% or less the cost of tradtional BTE earmolds, this will be your go-to BTE fitting solution for LIFE!
  • 5. Buy with confidence, and enjoy!Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you!

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