Rayovac Extra Advanced Hearing Aid Batteries 13 1,45 V 310 mAh, 5x Pack of 6

Best quality from Rayovac to top prices: rely on in all situations of listening comfort of your hearing aids.
Extra run time: Don’t Waste Time deciding batteries understand you lasting What around her, she is spoken. In a handy set of 6 to go top Low Price You The batteries also never go out.
The workshop price of EUR 24,50 corresponds to the sum of the Einzelpreise

Product Features

  • 5x 6 Pack hearing aid batteries, type 13 (PR48, ZL2, Colour code: Orange) & # 8226; Dimensions: Height 5,35, Diameter 7.80 mm
  • System: Zn/Air & # 8226; Weight: 0.86 each g
  • Voltage: 1,45 V
  • Battery capacity: 310 mAh
  • Please only to the retail outlet using the hard kraft volume of collection points or dispose of the batteries.

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