Hearing aid USB rechargeable E33 digital hearing aid 2-channel wireless invisible hearing aid Elderly ear-back Sound amplifier , right

Saturated sound output: 111 ± 2db
High-frequency saturation output: 104 ± 3db
Peak gain: 38 ± 4db
Equivalent input noise: less than 30db
Working current: less than 2.5mA
Total harmonic distortion: less than 6%
Frequency response range: F1 less than 200HZ, F2 greater than 6500HZ
Compression time: less than 100ms
Release time: less than 300ms
Adaptation range: mild to severe
Power supply: USB

Product Features

  • USB rechargeable E33 digital 2-channel wireless invisible hearing aid
  • Intelligent program memory function – After setting your sound program for more than 10 minutes, the system will automatically remember your custom settings, and then automatically match the use of later, without having to repeat the adjustment with each use.
  • Smart All-Product Noise Canceling – Multi-channel multi-band intelligence intelligently detects different sound spectrums, distinguishes speech and noise, and improves speech at the same time so that you can better listen in noisy environments.
  • High fidelity without distortion – High fidelity sound quality.

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