10x Rayovac Watch Batteries 317 (SR516SW) Silver Oxide Coin Cells 1.55V (10.5 mAh) Brand New 0% Mercury Long Life / Expiry Wrist Watch battery Low Drain Mercury Free Button Coin Cell + 1x Vibe® Black USB LED Lamp

Item Description:-

Rayovac is a trusted brand. Rayovac is a global consumer products company and a leading supplier of batteries. Rayovac most comprehensive product ranges of silver oxide batteries for all your uses in the of watches and electronic equipment. Rayovac’s wide range of quality primary 1.55V silver oxide coin cell battery offers a suitable power source for any electronic device requiring an ultra-compact, long lasting, low voltage power source. Long Life Battery, Gives Your watch Longer life.

==> Rayovac batteries is world’s longest lasting mercury-free battery.
==> Rayovac batteries provide high performance at a great price.
==> Superior cell design that resists swelling & leakage.
==> Dimensional precision and stability.
==> High capacity retention on storage.
==> Providing optimal performance and greater consistency.
==> Rayovac button coin cell batteries are sure to suit your daily needs.
==> Constant availability
==> Guaranteed performance.

==> 10X Rayovac Battery
==> 1X Black USB LED Lamp

Product Features

  • Rayovac high quality hearing aid battery range with Great performance and great value – making an ideal battery of choice.
  • High Quality Mercury Free Swiss Battery. Extra Long Expiry Date.
  • Rayovac 10 Pack Extra value of these popular 1.55 volt Silver Oxide coin cell battery. Long shelf life and fresh stocks assured.
  • Unique Portable, Bendable, Flexible, Light Weight, Ultra Slim USB LED Lamp/Light.
  • Cross-Reference : 317 SR516SW, SR62, SR516, SB-AR, 280-58, V317, D317, GP317, 616, 317, SR516W, 317X, 317A

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