Super Mini Hearing Aid brands Adjustable Tone Invisible Wireless Best Sound Amplifier Tone Ear Hearing Aids Aid (2 Batteries) (B)

Amazingly clear and precise, medically approved, rechargeable hearing aid, 5 Volume Adjustments and Four Amplified Programs for different listening environments. NOISE REDUCTION and OUTPUT LIMITING, Suppress background noise and prevent excessively loud sounds.

★ Technical parameters:

Saturation sound pressure level: OPS90 125

High frequency average: OPS90 102

Full sound gain: 1600HZ 20

Frequency impact range: 200-4000

Level input noise level ≤32

Total Harmonic Distortion: 10%

★ Note: (1), the use of the hearing aid before, please read the instructions carefully.

(2) need to often take a small brush regularly cleaning hearing aids, if not long for a long time, need to take out once every month to charge, so as not to aging the battery

Product Features

  • ★ LIGHT WEIGHT, EASY TO CARRY: unique design of the ear canal ,surprisingly clear and accurate HEARING AID ;
  • ★ 5 KINDS VOLUME ADJUSTMENT : 4 different listening environment to enlarge the program, suitable for mild, moderate hearing loss of people to use AUDIPHONE ;
  • ★ EASY TO USE: charging time of 3-4 hours, can be used continuously 13-18 hours of time, and can be a long time standby 5-7 days HEARING AIDS;
  • ★ ALL-DIGITAL ADJUSTABLE FREQUENCY: no noise auditory, allowing you to clearly and comfortably listen to low-volume sound to improve personal performance;
  • ★ ONE YEAR WARRANTY: quality and brand guarantee;

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