Silverline 932332 Rubber Dust Blower 115 x 60mm

Ideal for removing dust from small, sensitive objects such as camera lenses, metal tip provides precise air flow, one-way intake valve prevents reverse air flow. Tear-proof.

Product Features

  • Metal tip provides precise air flow control
  • For removing dust from sensitive objects such as camera lenses & keyboards
  • Won’t scratch or damage workpieces
  • One-way intake valve prevents reverse air flow
  • Tear-proof & refills quickly

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2 Responses to Silverline 932332 Rubber Dust Blower 115 x 60mm

  1. Bfamily says:

    Nice and cheap Nice and cheap.I recommend it for cleaning electronic devices but bare in mind that the tip is made of conductive metal and it’s also very easy to damage a board why blowing air over it if the tip hits the board components. The advantage of having a metal tip is the fact that the exit hole is very small hence you can create a high dynamic pressure. Recommended for the occasional soldering as well, if you want to fast cool the solder in a certain place.Let me know if you have a…

  2. Gugghi says:

    Blew me away Well packaged and timely delivery.This is a nice sized and easy to use blower. Nice and easy to squeeze while allowing user to keep the nozzle under control pointing in the required direction. Air pressure from the nozzle is perfect as it wont blow my little projects/ components across the room when I need to use it to blow dirt and debris from work area. So far I have used this when soldering, cleaning computer components and peripherals, and even applying screen protectors to phones…

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